Pizza Patriots! “F**k Joe Biden” Political Pizzas Are A Hit Across America!

( Exclusive) – You know you’ve hit rock bottom as a president when there are pizza joints all across the country who are starting to mock you for doing such a horrible job. And that’s precisely what is happening right now to Joe Biden.

It’s not bad enough that there are chants of “F*** Joe Biden,” and “Let’s Go Brandon” sweeping the entire nation. Now, Solorzano’s Pizza, a restaurant that features locations in several different states, is going viral on the internet thanks to hilariously clever designs to mock Biden in the best way possible.

How embarrassing for our country that this is the guy sitting in the White house.

“Joe Biden… the ‘f’ you can fill in yourselves,” one of the owners of the restaurant said, going on to explain the “FJB” design. “Business owners have also reached out to us and said hey, listen, we wish we were in a position to where we could be true to ourselves and say what we really want to say.”

According to Infowars, “The anti-Biden pies made such a splash in South Florida that Suncoast News Network (SNN) made the controversial pizza their top story last week. The restaurant’s founder Philip Solorzano told SNN that while not all of his customers agree with his politics or his “stupid” social media posts, it doesn’t matter because they just want a good quality meal.”

Kenny Palin, who owns three different Solorzano’s locations, spoke with SNN and stated that they’d happily make a pizza that said, “FDT,” which stands for “F*** Donald Trump,” if that’s what they wanted.

“If you come in with $19 for a pepperoni pizza, we’ll write whatever you want,” Palin stated.

The local news report also pointed out that rather than causing business to suffer, apparently the pizza joint is making a ton of “bread.”

“With patriotism proving to be more popular than cancel culture, Solorzano’s is looking to become a national chain and they’re hoping to get more media attention with help from the likes of pizza connoisseur and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy as well as Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson,” the Infowars report said.

“Following another genius promotional scheme, over 90 customers have allegedly gotten the new Solorzano’s logo tattooed on their bodies in exchange for a free slice for life,” the report continued.

This just goes to show you that the vast majority of Americans in this country still hold to the values that our nation was founded upon. It’s an inconvenient truth the left doesn’t want to face, but no matter how hard they try, they cannot drown out the voices of regular people who simply want to live their lives without the government sticking their nose in their business.

And, what kind of message does this send about how folks feel about the Biden administration? It should be obvious that people are unhappy with the constant stream of failures coming out of the White House right now. The real question is what does Joe Biden think of all this?

He probably has no clue it’s even happening.

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