Michigan Ammo Shop Selling Bullet Cases Engraved With ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ And ‘F-ck Joe Biden’ Fires Back At Media

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The owner of a business located close to the city of Detroit is selling ammunition that has the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” engraved on it and he’s not at all happy with the current attention he’s been receiving from the mainstream media.

According to a report from WND, Justin Nazaroff, who serves as the chief executive of Fenix Ammunition based out of Novi, Michigan, ended up being the subject of an article that was published in the Detroit Metro Times that covered the inventory being sold at the store.

Nazaroff is now selling previously fired .50 caliber bullet casings with the words “Let’s Go Brandon” carved into the spent shells (screen shot here). This is a reference to the now infamous and extremely popular chant that started after a NASCAR race when a CBS reporter attempted to spin the crowd’s chant of “F*** Joe Biden” during an interview with the winner of the event.

“Nazaroff mocked the media’s coverage of his inventory, saying the bullets were harmless trinkets and dismissed notions that the ammunition’s message could be construed to be offensive or threatening,” the report said.

“I’m not a humorless loser, and it’s not my responsibility to be concerned about the opinions of ignorant people who spend too much time reading the Metro Times, cowering in their homes, awaiting their fifth booster shot,” Nazaroff went on to tell the Metro Times.

“The phrase quickly went viral and became a national sensation, with Republican Florida Rep. Lauren Boebert wearing a dress emblazoned with the three words to parody Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ ‘Tax the Rich’ dress worn at the Met Gala,” the WND report continued.

When Nazaroff was contacted to give a comment, he stressed the importance of citizens having the right and the ability to express political sentiments.

“It’s not offensive to criticize a President especially when that President is an obvious sock puppet for corporate interests, tech monopolies, and the type of leadership that got us into wars in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and countless other places,” he said in comments made to the Daily Caller News Foundation, going on to add that the “Let’s Go Brandon” message could only be considered to be dangerous speech by those who “put themselves in charge of determining what is and what is not acceptable speech.”

“This is something they can’t handle. It’s a cognitive dissonance that resonates deep within them, and as a result, they lash out in whatever manner they can,” Nazaroff went on to say.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Nazaroff said, “These are inert brass cases that pose no danger to anyone, other than those who seek to repress freedom of speech. What’s truly dangerous is that we’ve allowed a small group of shrieking, comedy-deprived Karens to become the gatekeepers for comedy and truth in American culture.”

The store’s owner then added, “lucky for us, the Founding Fathers were intelligent enough to provide us with a defense for this sort of tyranny and I’m happy to play a small role in providing a quality product to citizens that understand this delicate balance between oppression and freedom.”

This isn’t the first time that Nazaroff has found himself in the news. He previously made headlines for cancelling orders from customers that cast a ballot in favor of Joe Biden. When you visited the website for Fenix Ammunitions, a message greeted you on the front page that said, “Did you vote for Joe Biden?”

If you clicked “Yes,” the page redirected you to Biden’s website, where it highlighted his plan to launch an assault on the Second Amendment. If you clicked “No,” you were taken to the Fenix Ammunition store.

When asked if they really did cancel the order, Nazaroff said yes, then revealing it wasn’t the first time they’d done it.

“Yes, we did cancel it, and we have no intention of selling to any individual who acknowledges they voted for a man who wants to put our company out of business,” Nazaroff said.

“Biden is a cardboard cutout for lobbying groups with deep pockets, including Bloomberg’s Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns, Mom’s Demand Action, and Everytown for Gun Safety. If it wasn’t obvious before, his nomination of a literal war criminal like David Chipman to be the director of the ATF should be all you need to know about what his cabal plans to do with our Second Amendment rights,” he went on to state. “I can only hope other companies in the firearms industry choose to follow our lead and make it clear that we have no obligation to service those who don’t understand what the Second Amendment is truly about – arming private citizens for the express purpose of preventing tyrannical governments from encroaching on our liberties.”

This man is a national treasure. We need all bold Americans to stand up and fight back like this against the Biden regime and the garbage it is attempting to do that will destroy the foundational principles of our glorious republic.

It’s up to regular, every day Americans to take advantage of the beautiful system the founders built to exercise our rights and fight to keep the republic that so many over the years have spilled their blood for.

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