PURE EVIL: Democrat Activist Is Second Woman To Publicly Accuse Top MI Dem Of Sexual Assault… Her Party Ignores Her

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The Democratic Party might be full of liars and snakes but, if anything, they are loyal to their own. While leftists have been screeching that we must “believe women” when they make claims of sexual assault, it doesn’t appear they believe that when it comes to accusations made against men within the Democratic Party.

Somehow, these men, such as Joe Biden, for example, manage to get the benefit of the doubt. When Democratic men are accused of sexual inappropriateness, the women of the mob insist that they are innocent until proven guilty and demand to see evidence.

Any woman attempting to cast accusations at a Democrat man is quickly cast out from the fold and the entire party turns on them in unison.

That’s been the case every single time and the case of far-left Michigan activist Bridget Huff is no exception.

When she made the claim that Baxter “Baba” Jones (pictured here), the Chair of the Disabilities Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party, sexually assaulted her, she found out that the Democrat’s loyalty was to him and that no one was interested in her story.

According to 100% Fed Up, Jones has a history of sexual misconduct allegations, yet Huff’s allegations have fallen on deaf ears and the Democratic Party of Michigan has yet to address any of the claims against Jones.

Huff (pictured here in black), a stay-at-home mom to three children, claims that shortly after she met Jones he sexually assaulted her. In a 3-hour interview with 100% Fed Up, Huff told her story and it became clear that the Michigan Democratic Party, who claims to protect women from sexual abusers, has failed her.

While Huff has dedicated her life to promoting the Democrat’s agenda, she was quickly thrown out after she made the accusation against Jones. She asked 100% Fed Up to share her story and the truth about Jones who is a key figure in the MI Democratic Party.

Huff claims that there have been numerous sexual assault claims made by various women against Jones but, so far, only two have dared to go public with their stories.

One of those accusers is Lizmary Fernandez who posted a video on Facebook (watch here) giving an account of the alleged sexual abuse committed against her by Jones at a Black Lives Matter and pro-illegal immigration rally.

Another video captured the moment when Fernandez was assaulted as you can hear her say that a man “just grabbed my ass, in the wheelchair!” The video then shows her pointing and there is Jones, rolling along in his wheelchair as if nothing had happened (watch here).

MI Dem Rep. Cynthia Johnson chimed in on Fernandez’ Facebook page, warning that her accusations of sexual assault were “dangerous” and “extremely dangerous” multiple times. She also asserted that despite the claims against Jones, she would continue to support him until there was concrete evidence and a “police investigation” proving her claims.

Johnson also told Fernandez that “As a former agent, I see so many holes in this accusation.” She also added, “Under no circumstances will I make accusations or allow accusations to be made of anyone without proof!”

Huff’s story is eerily similar. According to her, when she met Jones she was excited as he had been somewhat of an idol of hers within the Democratic Party. However, when she was shaking his hand, he had reached for something else and was grabbing her butt.

Not only did the Democratic Party of Michigan do nothing or take Huff’s story seriously, they “Bridget was suspended as the Communications Director for the 10th District of the MI Democratic Party. They not only suspended her, but without ever speaking to her, the MI Democrat Party leadership also substantiated an 80-page complaint against her claiming that she is a “racist” and that she never met Baxter Jones.”

Huff says this is the reason Jones’ other victims have refused to come forward. They already know how they will be received and treated by the Democratic Party that is supposedly pro-woman.

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