WATCH — Doctor Drops Bombshell: CDC’s Response To COVID-19 “A Crime Against Humanity. Mass Murder. And Genocide…”

( Exclusive) – While the left demands that we all “follow the science” and “listen to the experts” they have made a habit of silencing and ignoring any experts who speak the truth and refuse to play along with their COVID fantasy.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is one such doctor and expert. Dr. Zelenko has been speaking out on behalf of the use of hydroxychloroquine since the beginning of the COVID sham and has recently made an immune boosting supplement containing zinc, Vitamins C & D, and quercetin.

The doctor sat down for an interview with The Gateway Pundit to discuss the absurd COVID scam and the subsequent “death shots” as he calls them.

When asked by the TGP reporter what his “initial thoughts on hydroxychloroquine” were, he responded, “based on clinical experience treating thousands of patients, is that it’s absolutely life-saving. It’s safe. I’ve used it in pregnant women, children, nursing mothers…”

He explained that his advocacy for the use of the safe and highly effective hydroxychloroquine “apparently has irritated and made angry certain stakeholders.”

He went on to say, “Hydroxychloroquine is one of the most powerful and effective zinc ionophores – or zinc delivery systems – or the mechanism through which I can get zinc into the cell to inhibit viral replication, but there are others…”

TGP asked, “What about Ivermectin?”

He explained, “I’m a clinician. I define success as keeping my patients above ground…Ivermectin keeps my patients alive, so it’s a very good drug…when you find a cheap, generic solution to a global crisis, the stakeholders that have pushed the vaccine angle and in-patient hospital treatment get very upset with you because you’re reducing their market share.”

When asked about known cases of elderly individuals who knew they had COVID but did not receive any treatment, Dr. Zelenko called it a “crime against humanity” and said it was “mass murder” and “genocide.”

He went on to say that he does not “trust the CDC” and that he doesn’t truth the government’s recommendations “because they’ve been consistently against the best interests of the public.”

He said that people are “beginning to recognize that the vaccines are doing more harm than good” and Big Pharma appears to be attempting to make a shift from vaccines to better treatment options.

In regards to Merck’s treatment drug, Dr. Zelenko said, “It’s a variant of Ivermectin. Instead of costing 20 cents/pill, I believe they’re charging $750/pill. So that’s why it’s being considered effective — it’s the price tag.”

He then asserted that India’s approach to treating COVID with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine “works.”

He then explained the origins of his immune boosting supplement “Z-Stack” and said it “was a gift from God. And the way it evolved was, in April of 2020, I was using hydroxychloroquine and zinc and azithromycin to keep my patients alive. The ghoul — and I call him a ghoul: Cuomo — who is responsible for the death of almost 20,000 nursing home residents — issued an executive order blocking pharmacies from dispensing hydroxychloroquine to patients.”

Just think about that for a minute. New York’s former tyrant governor issued an executive order dictating the way practicing physicians treat their patients. That is truly sick and tyrannical.

Dr. Zelenko continued, “Now, that was a direct attack on my patients and my practice. The reason why I say that is that I was the only one in the state at that time using that drug in that context…so I was forced to innovate. And I found on the NIH server data and peer-reviewed papers that showed a substance called quercetin together with Vitamin C functions as an effective zinc delivery system.”

He further explained that while the vitamins and substances in his supplement have been known to be effective in delivering zinc to the body, no one had been able to “put the puzzle pieces together.”

After being “approached several times” about making it easier for people by putting everything together and in one bottle, so the dosage on everything was correct, he decided to do just that and Z-Stack was born.

Dr. Zelenko is fighting the good fight and trying to save lives unlike so many doctors who are just fine going along with what radical leftist politicians and Big Pharma shills demand that only result in death.

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