Fauci Wants Americans to Get 4 Shots Per Year

Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci, the illegitimate administration’s chief vaccine pusher, is advocating for quarterly booster shots to combat a growing number of Covid-19 mutations that are resistant to single and double doses of the currently available Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson clot shots, an NIH whistleblower told Real Raw News.

The source, whose credentials RRN has verified and considers unassailable, said Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, and seven members of the Biden-Harris Health Equity Covid-19 task force met clandestinely at a D.C. hotel wednesday morning to discuss ways of perniciously convincing Americans to willingly accept frequent booster vaccinations.

The diabolical Deep Staters discussed specifically what the MSM is calling the South African B.1.1.529 super-strain, which materialized as if by magic over the Thanksgiving holiday. Fauci, our source said, told his accomplices that the new strain would soon reach American shores and wreak havoc on vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, sickening and killing hundreds of thousands.

But, according to our source, this mythical strain was fabricated of whole cloth; a fictious creation designed to frighten already paranoid people into believing that more shots are needed to prevent exposure to the virus.

“This was the plan all along, to make up new strains every 3-6 months. I’m not saying Covid-19 is fake. It’s real, it was a lab leak from Wuhan, but it was never more dangerous than seasonal influenza. The strains, however, were imagined to keep people in fear and locked down, and to generate massive profits for Big Pharma. Fauci figured early on that the public would only buy into a specific variant for so long before becoming suspicious. He told us, point blank, a new strain had to arise every so often so people would keep getting shots. It was the same for the Delta variant; it never existed. And now that people have gotten tired of hearing about it, and don’t care about it, they’ve manifested a new enemy, the South African strain,” our source said.

The proof, he added, is in the pudding: No vaccine manufacturer has altered or amended the chemical ingredients of the original vaccinations. They have stayed static.

“If this virus were truly becoming more transmissible and virulent, the vaccine manufacturers would be pouring tons of money into fighting the virus’ evolution. But this isn’t happening. And there’s not a shred of evidence of recombination among the population. It’s all about fear and money,” our source said.

Dr. Fauci, he claims, has been whimsically and arbitrarily deciding how many shots per year a person needs for protection against the virus, and that figure has, by no mere coincidence, increased proportionally to the increased salaries of Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma CEOs.

“Their personal incomes skyrocketed after the vaccines went public,” our source said. “That’s why Fauci now wants four shots a year. Four times as much cash in his pocket.”

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