Emergency! Watch General Flynn Predict Omicron Variant, New Lockdowns, And Global Futures Crash

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The COVID scam has been a truly awful plague on America but not for the reasons an actual pandemic would be. While we often focus on all of the negative, and there’s plenty of it, one thing that goes overlooked is the fact that millions of Americans have been jolted awake and now see the truth that many of us have seen for years.

The pandemic charade has caused Americans to look at the federal government and government agencies like the CDC and FDA, in a new light and not a very good one.

It’s also caused millions of Americans to finally see that politicians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden are all part of an international network of globalist elites who want to destroy the US so that we will submit to a one world government.

Now that millions are awake, it seems that the left is getting desperate to maintain their COVID scheme and continue causing social discord and discontent. General Michael Flynn is warning that their desperation may soon lead to economic and financial ruin by design.

Gen. Flynn expressed his concerns during a discussion with Alex Jones, his brother Joe Flynn, and Patrick Byrne.

Joe Flynn, who’s a filmmaker, said during the talk that the radical left has “overplayed their hand” and the four men discussed the ways in which the left might try to regain control before the masses take matters into their own hands.

“I think the American people are truly waking up – I think the left has very much overplayed their hand,” said Joe Flynn. “But, will they continue to try to stuff things down our throat and do things to try to crush us? They may.”

“If we get through this winter, they’re going to know their goose is cooked. But what they do when their goose is cooked is what I fear.”

Gen. Flynn shared similar thoughts and said that the elites will likely attempt to usher in a controlled financial crisis.

“They’re going to continue to focus on: how do they maintain control or how do they get better control,” said General Flynn. “I believe that we’re going to see a couple of things… I call it a controlled depression – some type of financial manipulation or collapse.”

Businessman Patrick Byrne agreed and added that the maniacal globalists are intentionally running the entire system into the ground so that they can control what’s left when everything collapses.

“There’s going to be a financial crash,” said Byrne. “The question is, do we emerge from the rubble as the USSA (the United Socialist States of America), or do we emerge as a USA stripped of the stuff that’s been going on since FDR did what got us here.”

The Deep State has been manipulating the US for decades and President Trump was their reason to step up their plans to ruin this country. He came from outside the political swamp and dared to put Americans first.

He threatened everything they have been diligently working to accomplish and it forced them to ramp up their efforts to destroy this country.

They know he will come back in 2024 and now they have to work quickly to damage the US so badly that it will be beyond repair when President Trump finally has the opportunity to take back the White House.

It was no coincidence that this so-called pandemic happened in 2020 along with the nonstop social unrest and chaos. It was all by design. The globalists couldn’t take anymore American exceptionalism under President Trump.

The men also discussed the stolen election and the Jan. 6 charade and how real investigations into these events would expose the Deep State for good.

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