DemocRATS Flee Sinking Ship: ANOTHER House Democrat Announces Plans To Leave Congress

( Exclusive) – A new report from Gateway Pundit has revealed that yet another House Democrat will be retiring from Congress, which spells disaster for the Democratic Party who is already on a sinking ship when it comes to the 2022 midterm elections next year.

New York Rep. Tom Suozzi stated on Monday that he will be leaving the 3rd District seat to run for governor in 2022. Suozzi is the 18th House Democrat who has announced plans to retire next year.

Things are getting so bad for the Democrats that even their propaganda wing, CNN, is admitting that things are looking dire for next year.

CNN reported, “On Monday, New York Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi announced he plans to leave his 3rd District seat behind to run for governor in 2022. Asked about whether control of his seat — or the House more generally — mattered much in his decision, Suozzi said it ‘wasn’t a big factor.’

“Which is all well and good for him! But Democratic strategists — from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on down — don’t have the luxury and Suozzi’s retirement is simply the latest in a series of body blows for the party’s majority chances in recent weeks,” the CNN report continued.

“Suozzi is the 18th Democrat in the House planning to retire or run for higher office in 2022. By contrast, Republicans have only 11 members retiring. For context, at this point in the 2020 election cycle, only eight Democrats had called it quits as compared to 20 Republicans,” the report added, stating, “The more you dig into the numbers, the worse they look for Democrats.”

“Of the 18 Democratic open seats, fully one third are in districts where former President Donald Trump won or lost narrowly (5 points or less) in the 2020 election. And, that total doesn’t even include seats like Suozzi’s — where President Joe Biden won by 11 points in 2020 but where Hillary Clinton prevailed by only 6 points four years earlier,” CNN reported.

“Even in a neutral national environment, those seats would be very hard for Democrats to hold. In an environment like this one — the first midterm of a presidency with Biden’s approval numbers stuck in the low 40s — not only are seats that Trump carried in danger but also seats like Suozzi’s could be too,” CNN said.

And while Democrats are most definitely in big, big trouble, as evidenced by the horrifically low approval rating of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, there’s little doubt the left will once again attempt to steal, lie, cheat, and employ whatever means they deem necessary in order to retain control over Congress and the White House, so be prepared for shenanigans.

Is it any wonder though that people are unhappy with the Democrats? Biden’s administration has all but annihilated our energy sector causing gas prices to rise astronomically. Then we have the supply chain debacle, the disastrous foreign policy that has seen America’s global reputation float to the bottom of the toilet, and the list goes on.

Let’s hope we’re able to prevent massive fraud from happening next year, because if we can keep the election free and fair, Democrats are going to lose big.

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