Judge Issues Ultimatum In Lawsuit Over Dominion Election Machines

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A federal judge in the oh so liberal city of Denver who has been assigned to hear a case that alleges racketeering against Dominion Voting Systems — gee, is there a crime or corruption these folks haven’t been involved with? — told plaintiffs in the case they must document their residency before things can progress forward.

For those who might now remember, Dominion is the company that provided voting machines for many cities and counties across the country during the 2020 presidential election, which conveniently concluded that Joe Biden took important wins in a number of critical swing states.

Which we all know is just a fancy way of saying Dominion helped the Democratic Party steal the election away from Trump, but hey, what do we know, right?

According to WND, “The election results have proven to be suspect because Mark Zuckerberg of Meta handed out $420 million to activists with instructions mostly to recruit voters from Democrat areas, state officials arbitrarily – and without permission – changed state laws to accommodate Democrat-leaning mail-in ballots, and legacy and social media outlets suppressed negative information about the Biden family operations just days before the election.”

Several different analyses came to the conclusion that Mark Zuckerberg’s handouts or the suppression of anti-Biden information is responsible for President Donald Trump not clinching a second term in office.

“Now the Denver Gazette reports Judge Philip Brimmer has ordered the plaintiffs in the case against Dominion to explain their residences, as there needs to be a diversity for a federal case to continue,” the report said.

“The report explains the plaintiffs, all from Michigan, accuse Dominion, of Denver, of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act – which often is used against gangs and cartels,” it continued.

The report goes on to accuse the company of intimidating critics after the 2020 election by sending out cease and desist letters to anyone who expressed some form of criticism of the company.

The complaint goes on to say, “Generally, Plaintiffs are everyday Americans. They are fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. They are the neighbor you say good morning to on your way to work. They are Americans trying to participate in a public debate about election integrity and security. Plaintiffs have been intimidated from participating in the debate, however, because of Dominion.”

Brimmer has given the plaintiffs in the case until Dec. 6 to provide their information.

The Gazette then went on to explain, “The lawsuit takes aim at approximately 150 letters Dominion has sent to individuals asking that they stop defaming the company and requesting that they preserve certain types of materials, including communications with the campaign of former President Donald Trump and lawyers associated with him who have promoted unfounded claims of election fraud.”

“The targets of the company included ‘average Americans’ who had volunteered as poll watchers and more, and “signed sworn statements about election irregularities they personally witnessed,” the WND report said.

The case then alleges that Dominion Voting Systems used these letters, along with threats of litigation, to “chill the free speech” of individuals who were critical of the election. It reveals that one plaintiff, Jennifer Lindsey Cooper, signed a statement about poll irregularities in the state of Michigan, going on to note that her statements did not pertain to Dominion.

“The lawsuit was filed by Denver attorney Robert A. McGuire, III and the team includes Alan Dershowitz, the noted legal scholar, commentator and analyst,” the report concluded.

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