BREAKING: GOP Senators Worry DOD’s Targeting Troops Opposing ‘Woke Orthodoxy’

( Exclusive) – The radical left’s theology has managed to seep its way into all corners of American society. The US military is on the verge of becoming a strong arm for this radical agenda taking over our country.

On Wednesday, a dozen Republican Senators sent a letter of concern to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin asking for more information regarding his Countering Extremism Working Group and some assurance that it will not be used to target those who oppose the left’s “woke orthodoxy.”

The group was led by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and the letter expressed concern for troops who could be in danger of being “unfairly targeted by your newly established Countering Extremism Working Group.”

They wrote:

In the wake of the U.S. Department of Justice’s efforts to silence parents protesting anti-American racial indoctrination being taught in schools across the country, we are deeply concerned that this latest effort by the Biden Administration will target service members who voice opposition to woke, Leftist ideology under the guise of protecting our ‘national security interest.’ Service members represent a cross-section of the country they faithfully serve, and hold beliefs and opinions as diverse as America itself. These patriotic men and women come from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs. Our military leaders should be honoring the diversity among our armed forces, not divide us by forcing false narratives that solely serve to alienate our fellow Americans based on the color of their skin.

The letter is signed by 11 fellow senators, several of them military veterans: Sens. Rick Scott (FL), Thom Tillis (NC), Kevin Cramer (ND), Mike Braun (IN), Josh Hawley (MO), Tom Cotton (AR), John Boozman (AR), Roger Marshall (KS), Steve Daines (MT), James Lankford (OK), and Mike Lee (UT).

They wrote that “there is no room for extremism in and among our service members,” and that the Department of Defense must:

…utilize its resources to identify and neutralize real threats of extremism, such as the Royal Saudi Air Force student who killed two people aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida in 2019; the individual who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013; and the individual who fatally shot 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.

“The DoD should focus on real threats that pose a clear and present danger to our nation – not those who refuse to bow to the woke orthodoxy pushed by Liberal elites in the main stream media, academia, and government,” they wrote.

During his confirmation hearing, Austin promised to root our extremists from the military and after he was confirmed formed the CEWG to define extremism as well as to update DODI 1325.06, which prohibits extremist activities but fails to define them.

He also ordered a one-day “stand down” for commanders to discuss extremism with their troops but the Pentagon has not been able to provide any historical or current data or statistics on extremists within the military.

We don’t know much about the CEWG or what they’re doing. The group is led by Bishop Garrison, Austin’s senior adviser on diversity and human capital.

The DoD is clearly using the cover of “extremism” to target conservative members of the military who don’t agree with the Biden regime. The GOP Senators recognized this much, saying in their letter that the CEWG tasks “appear to be more in line with an intelligence collection effort focused on service members than an honest effort to improve the DoD.”

These tasks include incorporating algorithms and additional processing into social media screening platforms, and training military leadership on ‘gray areas’ such as reading, following, and liking extremist material and content in social media forums and platforms. In today’s society, the definition of ‘extremist’ is skewed to the person creating the definition.

Service members respect clear, unambiguous terminology and application of counter-extremist efforts. However, there is nothing straight forward in understanding ‘gray areas,’ which by definition, are meant to be vague, and allow the possibility of being subjectively used in a way that disenfranchises service members from even using social media.

They pointed out that Garrison has a “long history of rabid anti-conservative bias.”

“In fact, Garrison sent a tweet saying former President Trump was a racist and that, “[i]f you support the [former] President, you support that. There is no room for nuance with this. There is no more ‘but I’m not like that’ talk.”

Clearly Austin and his DoD are after conservatives and Trump supporters.

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