BREAKING! Japan Health Ministry Warns Moderna & Pfizer COVID Vaccines Causing Heart Inflammation

( Exclusive) – The Health Ministry of Japan has now listed heart inflammation as one of the potential side effects of getting either the Pfizer or Moderna coronavirus injections.

According to a new report from Infowars, the Japanese government’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare went on to claim that as of Nov. 14, out of every million males who took the vaccine produced by Moderna, inflammation of the heart and its outer lining were reported in 82 of them between the ages of 10 to 19 and 49 males in their 20s.

“For the Pfizer vaccine, it was 16 for the 10-19 age range, and 13 out of a million for men in their 20s,” the report said, adding, “The ministry recommended during a meeting last week to put a disclaimer warning of ‘serious side effects’ on the documents attached to the vaccines.”

“The government agency will also allegedly require hospitals to report in detail incidents involving people who developed inflammation symptoms within 28 days after receiving the injection,” Infowars went on to say in their report.

The country of Japan had halted the use of 2.6 million doses of the Moderna vaccine back in August after reports came out that stated they were contaminated with “tiny metal flakes” that “react to magnets.”

How many people actually injected that garbage into their bodies in multiple doses? That’s a question worth asking and knowing the information for.

While several people have died in Japan from the contaminated vaccines from Moderna, Japan resumed distributing the company’s vaccine just days later.

According to a report from the Japan Times, “The foreign substance detected in dozens of vials of Moderna Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine in Japan is thought to have been tiny pieces of metal, but experts have dismissed concerns over significant health problems, saying that the chance of the foreign material actually entering the body is low.”

“The foreign substance was identified in 39 unused vials, all of which had the lot number 3004667, at eight workplace and large-scale inoculation sites in five prefectures — Aichi, Ibaraki, Gifu, Saitama and Tokyo — with the first discovery having come on Aug. 16. The government on Thursday decided to halt the use of vials belonging to that lot number — as well as those with the lot numbers 3004734 and 3004956, which were produced around the same time and at the same facility — affecting a total of 1.63 million shots,” the report went on to say.

Tara Kono, the minister who was charged with rolling out the vaccine, went on to say at the time that more than half a million of the 1.63 million doses of that batch have already been administered.

Again, this is what happens when you inject yourself with a vaccine that has been rushed into production.

“If it’s a minute piece of metal, once injected inside the muscle it will be approached and eaten by phagocytes, so it will not circulate in the whole body, and there is a near zero chance of it causing substantial health damage,” Masayuki Miyasaka, a professor emeritus of immunology at Osaka University, went on to write in a post he published on his Facebook page.

Why take the chance? This vaccine has not been tested for long term side effects, so who knows what kind of health problems could end up popping up later down the line. It’s just not worth it.

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