Child Abuse! COVID Freaks Force Kindergartners To Eat Outside In 40 Degree Weather

( Exclusive) – COVID-19 has been used as a cover by sick, demented adults to abuse children endlessly all in the name of “public health safety.”

Around most of the country, people can go to major sporting events, malls, grocery stores, basically any public place you can imagine, mask-free. Life appears to be going on as usual except for in schools that is where liberal bureaucrats refuse to loosen their grip on control.

Children from shore to shore have been forced to wear face masks for 7 to 8 hours a day while at school for nearly two years now. It doesn’t matter that the masks don’t work or that children have virtually zero risk of serious COVID infection.

The only thing that matters is the radical left maintaining control and keeping the COVID narrative alive any way they can.

In Portland, Oregon, the radical left is truly out of control. Kindergarten children were forced to sit on buckets to eat their lunch outside on a cold and rainy winter day (screen shot here). The school was not on fire. There was no gas leak. Yet, these innocent little children were treated like prisoners at a concentration camp by the adults who are supposed to care about them.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

Apparently, this was the best idea teachers and administrators could come up with to keep children “safe.” What an absolute sham.

The video of the children eating outside was sent to “The Post Millennial” by a parent of one of the children in the video.

That parent told the PM that this incident was the “final straw” for her with the Portland Public School system. She has now joined the ranks of thousands of parents across the US who have had enough of the abuse of their children by public schools.

“As a parent of a student at Capitol Hill Elementary, this policy is abhorrent,” the parent said. “I am beyond furious, especially knowing children are low-risk.”

“We’ve been patient with all of the policies here in Portland in hopes of not being ostracized within the community,” she later added, “but this is the last straw.”

Children from coast to coast are being abused daily by COVID protocols and mitigation efforts despite the actual science proving children are at virtually no risk from the virus.

In New York City, where winter temperatures are similar, many schools are forcing children to endure lunchtime outdoors as well. Not to mention the fact that Mayor Bill de Blasio has also added children ages 5-11 to those required to provide a vaccine passport at restaurants and movie theaters.

That means children 5-11-years-old are being force vaccinated in one of the biggest US cities in order to remain a member of society. That is truly sick.

Democrats don’t have any intention of getting life back to “normal” ever again. They love life with COVID. Nothing else has given them the authority and control over people’s lives like the scam pandemic has.

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