Study: True U.S. COVID Vaccine Death Count Is 400,000

( Exclusive) – According to a new report coming from WND, the CDC’s latest count of the deaths attributed to the coronavirus vaccines is close to 20,000, however a new study conducted by researchers over at Columbia University believes the number is actually 20 times higher than that.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, also known as VAERS, reports that 19,886 people have died, 102,857 have been hospitalized, and a total of 946,461 adverse events from COVID vaccines have occurred through December 3.

In other words, if this new study from Columbia is accurate and deaths related to the vaccine are being underreported, it could potentially mean there are 400,000 fatalities caused by the vaccines.

In the study’s abstract the researchers go on to point out that “accurate estimates of COVID vaccine-induced severe adverse event and death rates are critical for risk-benefit ratio analyses of vaccination and boosters against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in different age groups.”

“The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services points out that a VAERS report is not documentation that a link has been established between a vaccine and an adverse event. However, HHS also notes that VAERS is a ‘passive’ system of reporting, and it ‘receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.’ Many health care workers have disclosed they are instructed by their superiors not to report to VAERS any harm caused by COVID vaccines,” WND reported.

VAERS is typically described as being a “voluntary” reporting system, but the HHS says that healthcare providers “who administer COVID-19 vaccines are required by law after vaccination to report to VAERS” any kind of errors when administering the shots, which includes, among many other things, deaths and life-threatening adverse events.

“The Columbia researchers method of estimating underreporting was to use the regional variation in vaccination rates to predict all-cause mortality and non-COVID deaths in subsequent time periods, based on two independent, publicly available datasets from the U.S. and Europe,” WND said in their report.

“They found that more than six weeks after injection, vaccination had a negative correlation with mortality. But within five weeks of injection, vaccination predicted all-cause mortality in nearly every age group, with an ‘age-related temporal pattern consistent with the U.S. vaccine rollout,’” the report continued.

When the folks at Columbia compared the vaccine fatality rate with the rate being reported by the CDC, the researchers on the project concluded that VAERS deaths are actually underreported by a factor of 20, which is absolutely shocking.

The researchers involved in the study then said that it “suggests the risks of COVID vaccines and boosters outweigh the benefits in children, young adults and older adults with low occupational risk or previous coronavirus exposure.”

They then went on to emphasize “the urgent need to identify, develop and disseminate diagnostics and treatments for life-altering vaccine injuries.”

A decade before the coronavirus outbreak the so-called Lazarus study conducted by researchers at Harvard estimated VAERS accounted for only 1 percent of vaccine-induced injuries.

“Recently, Steve Kirsch, the executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, and others conducted an analysis comparing anaphylaxis rates published in a study to rates found in VAERS. They concluded the true death toll from COVID-19 vaccines is 41 times higher,” WND reported.

“The website VAERS Analysis used whistleblower data from the CMS, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to come up with an estimated underreporting factor of 44.64,” the report added.

Files that have been obtained from the Food and Drug Administration back in November thanks to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit recorded 158,893 adverse events resulting from someone taking the Pfizer produced vaccine within the first two and a half months of its distribution, which includes 25,957 incidents of what is being referred to as “nervous system disorders.”

The lawsuit was filed by an organization called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, which is made up of more than 30 professors and scientists from a number of well known universities such as Yale, Harvard, UCLA, and Brown.

“As WND reported, in court papers filed in December, the FDA proposed that it be given 55 years to release all 329,000 pages of documents related to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine requested by the group. The FDA has now modified that request, asking a judge for a delay of 75 years,” the report said.

One of the scientists who participated in the lawsuit is Dr. Peter McCullough, who is an extremely outspoken critic of universal coronavirus vaccination programs.

“In a recent, lengthy interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, he cited a study conducted before COVID by Dr. H. Cody Meissner of Tufts University School of Medicine finding that about 80% of VAERS reports are done by doctors, nurses or other health-care professionals who believe a vaccine caused the problem. Only about 14% or 15% of the reports are done by the patients themselves,” WND said.

McCullough has stated that he believes the CMS data indicates that VAERS underreports by a factor of around four or five.

With this information, he stated, “you know when someone got the shot and you know when they died.”

He went on to say that the proportion of Medicare and Medicaid patients in the country’s population is known, which means that an estimate can be reached through extrapolation of the information.

“A factor of five was used in the lawsuit against the FDA, estimating 45,000 U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines while VAERS reported 9,000 at the time the case was filed,” the report concluded.

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