Barack Obama Appointed Judge Tells Young College Student Who Walked Onto Senate Floor On January 6th She’s Lucky She Wasn’t Ashli Babbitt Before Sentencing Her To Jail

( Exclusive) – Trump-supporting conservatives and American patriots are still being punished over the so-called “insurrection” that took place on Jan. 6 and deranged leftists are still supporting it.

The imprisonment of these Americans is clearly a violation of their rights. It’s a total overreaction to what actually took place on Jan. 6 and all of the propaganda surrounding the incident is complete and utter nonsense.

One 20-year-old University of Kentucky student has found herself sentenced to jail for the crime of carrying a “Members Only” sign into the Capitol building, stepping onto the Senate floor and attempting to find a place to charge her cell phone.

Gracelyn Courtright (pictured here) did not have a weapon on her and she did not engage in any violence. She also has no criminal record. Yet, she’s being treated like a domestic terrorists.

That’s because to the Biden regime, anyone who refuses to bend the knee is deemed a threat. Just like the unvaccinated, Trump supporters must be punished for their refusal to submit and comply.

Despite having really done nothing wrong, Courtright is going to jail and unhinged ultra-melodramatic liberals could not be more pleased.

As a matter of fact, a fellow UK student took to social media to throw Courtright under the bus for having been present at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Naturally, the FBI, CIA, DHS, DOJ and the University of Kentucky took notice.

Photos emerged of the non-violent Courtright carrying the “Members Only” sign inside the Capitol (screen shot here).

In another post after she left the Capitol, Courtright posted, “Infamy is just as good as fame. Either way I end up more known. XOXO.”

In another Instagram post, Gracelyn shared a photo of herself standing in front of the Capitol on Jan. 6th with arms outstretched. She wrote: “can’t wait to tell my grandkids I was here!”

According to court documents, Courtright exchanged Instagram messages with someone who later sent screenshots of the conversation to the FBI. The person who messaged her wrote, “you were there???” and Courtright responded, “Yes, it wasn’t violent like the news said. I took pictures all in the building I never saw the violence; I guess I was lucky. The cops like, let’s us walk in.” Courtright said she walked into an area where desks for the Senate are and said, “it’s history idc … I thought it was cool.”

What a dangerous threat Courtright appears to be to the US government. Of course, she is not a threat at all but the Biden regime has to send a message to anyone even so much as thinking about standing up to them.

Courtright had no idea she was committing a crime when she entered the Capitol building on Jan. 6 after being led in by police officers who then walked with them. During her sentencing Courtright understandably broke down.

A disturbing trend among Jan. 6 prisoners has emerged in which they admit to judges they were wrong to support President Trump and to believe that the election was stolen. It’s almost as if the DC federal prison is being used as a leftist re-education camp, after all, leftists publicly and proudly proclaimed their support for such tactics after the stolen election.

During her sentencing, Obama-appointed Federal Judge Christopher Cooper (pictured here) made numerous outlandish and outrageous statements including suggesting she was lucky she didn’t end up like Ashli Babbitt for the heinous crime of walking into the Capitol building.

Babbitt, as you likely recall, was murdered by a Capitol Police officer for standing in the Capitol. She was unarmed and not being violent in any way when she was shot and killed.

Courtright pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of unlawfully and knowingly entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds in August.

The judge pointed out that Babbitt was shot and killed while Courtright was entering the Capitol building from the other side.

“She was on the House side trying to climb through a window; you went in on the Senate side,” Cooper said. “Did you know what was on the other side of some of those doors that some people were trying to break down? You see my point. That could’ve been you.”

Interestingly, Courtright could have also been BLM-Antifa radical John Sullivan who was actually standing right next to Babbitt when she was shot and killed (screen shot here). Unlike the majority of people who entered the Capitol that day, Sullivan is a free man and has actually made thousands off the video footage he took while inside.

His politics are OK though. The Deep State has no reason to detain and torture Sullivan.

The judge who sentenced Courtright also asked her if she had any idea how many people died on Jan. 6 and how many officers committed suicide in the wake of the so-called insurrection.

The answer to the activist judge’s question is literally only one and there isn’t even any indication that that suicide had anything at all to do with the Jan. 6 incident.

“Was it cool to have been there?” Judge Cooper asked.

“No,” Courtright replied.

Cooper also pointed out that there were many young congressional staffers around Courtright’s age in the Capitol that day supposedly fearing for their lives.

“There were some folks just about your age, congressional staffers who were on the other side of those doors, thinking they had to call their family because this may be it,” Cooper said. “You probably saw enough to know that this wasn’t a simple, peaceful protest.”

Except shortly after the incident, Courtright explained that she never did see any violence and that the whole thing was peaceful. Suddenly she’s changed her story and what’s more is that she expressed to the judge how now she is so ashamed and regretful for being in DC on Jan. 6.

“I have so much shame from this,” Courtright told Cooper. “I will never be the same girl again; this has changed me completely.”

“I will forever have to fear applying for jobs knowing the instant they Google my name, they will not see the hardworking student who had been on the dean’s list. They will not see the girl that I know that I still am. They will only see the girl who trespassed in the nation’s Capitol and took pictures to prove she was there and posted pictures thinking she was just so cool,” Courtright said.

Clearly, the Democrats got to Courtright and they’re attempting to do the same thing to every single Jan. 6 political prisoner. Those who still remain in prison without even so much as a court date set yet, are being tortured, abused and “re-educated,” every single day until they finally cave like Courtright.

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