BREAKING: New Video Shows A Third Dead Trump Supporter Killed By Capitol Police On Jan. 6 (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – The Jan. 6 incident is not at all what the left has made it out to be. Trump supporters have been accused of attempting an “insurrection” against the US government. Not only is this patently false but if they had staged an insurrection, it would have been totally justified by the stolen election.

The incident on Jan. 6, however, was a staged event organized and carried out by the Deep State and the FBI. It’s only purpose was to demonize President Trump and his supporters.

The left has made many outrageous statements in regards to that day like comparing it to 9/11 and calling for the “re-education” of Trump supporters. They’ve also claimed it was a “deadly” day and that Trump supporters murdered at least 3 Capitol officers.

In reality, it was Trump supporters who were attacked by rogue police officers and it was Trump supporters who lost their lives.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this year, it was the Capitol Police that started firing flash grenades and rubber bullets at the peaceful crowd that was made up of women, children and elderly individuals. Hardly the type of people you’d bring to attempt an insurrection.

From the video that has emerged from that day, it’s clear that Trump supporters were behind the barricades and not on the Capitol steps when Capitol Police started to essentially attack them. What’s more is they were not in any way being violent. As a matter of fact, they were singing the National Anthem and had no idea what was about to go down.

Next thing these unsuspecting patriots knew, flash grenades were going off in close range causing hearing loss, eye damages and other injuries.

On Sunday night, a reader of TGP sent in a close-up photo of the police officer firing flash grenades on the crowd who were doing nothing to instigate it whatsoever (screenshots here, here and here).

Why has this man never been arrested or made to answer for his actions that day? We all know the answer to that question, of course.

Meanwhile, four Trump supporters lost their lives as a result of the FBI orchestrated riot that took place that day. Ashli Babbitt is the most well-known of those victims. She was shot in cold-blood by Lt. Mike Byrd inside the Capitol building without warning. She was unarmed and posed no threat. Byrd is a free man and has not been held accountable for murdering Babbitt.

Other victims include 34-year-old recovering addict Rosanne Boyland who was killed by Capitol Police when they gassed and beat her, pushed her down and made the crowd of Trump supporters trample her.

55-year-old Trump supporter Kevin Greeson and 50-year old Trump supporter Benjamin Phillips were also killed, according to TGP.

TGP reports that in July, they received video of a third Trump supporter being killed that day though it’s not clear if the victim is Greeson or Phillips. The video shows Trump supporters attempting to give CPR to the victim as Capitol Police stood by and did nothing (screenshot here).

On Gab, @PubliusPatriot gave an account from that day.

I have a similar story to the story about Rosanne Boyland. A gentleman died from a cardiac issue at the west front and patriots were giving CPR and first aid. There were ambulances nearby and the crowd was yelling for them to help this man but they walked as slow as they could, nonchalant would be a good description.

I have video of the gentleman down and getting help from patriots. The Capitol Police just stood there watching.

FYI… I was one of only a few dozen people who saw this thing start. I’ve read 100s of eyewitness accounts and not one of them covers the first 1-5 minutes properly. It was all coordinated and very professional, nothing organic about it.

Here is video of the third Trump supporter who died that day after tyrannical Capitol Police officers fired on the crowd of men, women and children.

On Jan. 6, Rebel News also reported on an unconscious victim that was rushed from the crowd after police began their orchestrated attack. According to Rebel News reporter, Keean Bexte, the man appeared to be dead.

The partisan House Select Committee formed to investigate this day will certainly never ask any questions pertaining to these deaths. They are scumbag traitors of the US.

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