States Issue Warning On Toxic Chemical Found In Mailed At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit

( Exclusive) – While many Americans have been sounding the alarm on the dangers of the COVID-19 test swabs, virtually no mainstream media outlets have been willing to investigate and cover this information.

Now, one outlet in Cincinnati, Ohio, is breaking the story and informing readers that the COVID-19 home test kits could contain toxic substances that may be harmful to humans, including children.

The substance raising red flags is sodium azide and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Drug and Poison Information Center has been seeing a surge in calls about exposure to the chemical since more people have started using at-home COVID-19 tests.

Not only are the tests available for purchase in stores, around fifty million US households have received some version of the at-home test kits from the federal government. It’s unclear how many of these tests contain the harmful chemical.

The government has sent around 200 million of these kits out with around 85% of initial orders filled, according to officials at the White House during a briefing last week.

“We started getting our first exposures to these test kits around early November,” said Sheila Goertemoeller, pharmacist and clinical toxicologist for the center. “It was, really, all ages.”

The calls being made to this local center reflect what’s been happening all over the country. This issue is not isolated to Ohio. Americans everywhere are in danger of being harmed by these toxic tests.

Sodium azide is often used as a preservative and is appearing as a liquid reagent in several of the COVID home test kits, according to Goertemoeller. Ingesting it can cause low blood pressure which can result in dizziness, headaches or heart palpitations. It can also cause skin, eye or nasal irritation.

The Cincinnati Children’s based Drug and Poison Information Center has reported 38 cases of sodium azide exposure with the highest concentration occurring in January, around the time when the omicron variant was prevalent.

Adults exposed to the chemical generally experience mild skin irritation which can worsen if the skin is not washed well.

Nationwide Children’s Central Ohio Poison Center in Columbus also reported seeing an increase in these calls, though they were not able to provide an exact number.

“Mostly, I’ve been very worried about our young children,” Goertemoeller said but added that the “good news” is that the cases reported to the Cincinnati center have mostly been mild and able to be resolved at home. She also noted that the amount of the chemical in the rapid tests is small.

Large amounts of the chemical, however, can lead to severe health threats such as convulsions, loss of consciousness, lung injury, and respiratory failure leading to death, according to the CDC.

Why on earth is this chemical being used in test swabs meant to test for the presence of a respiratory illness? Seems awfully counterproductive and dangerous.

Sure the tests contain a small amount of the chemical but what is the result after people repeatedly test themselves or their children for COVID? Let’s be real. Some people are taking multiple tests a month out of fear, while others have been forced to test weekly for work.

Is repeated exposure to this chemical somehow safe just because it’s a “small” amount?

The best way to move forward is for Americans to stop the testing altogether. It’s time to let the COVID charade die and the only way to do that is to stop playing the game. If we stop the testing, there will be no more “pandemic” and no more risk from toxic chemicals contained in the test swabs.

It’s a pretty easy problem to solve.

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