BOMBSHELL: Democrat Lawyer Blamed For Undermining Both 2016 And 2020 Election Results

( Exclusive) – A brand new story from WND has revealed that a prominent Democrat attorney who is very active in national politics is now being blamed for undermining both the 2016 presidential election, which Donald Trump won, as well as the results of the 2020 election, which was stolen by Joe Biden.

These claims are found in a 2021 book that was written by John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky, titled, “Our Broken Elections,” according to a report published by Just the News.

Both of the authors of the book have identified the lawyer who, according to their book, was able to cast doubts about the nation’s electoral system in both Democratic and GOP contingents, as Marc E. Elias.

“The legal mastermind probably most responsible for the leftist push to subvert our democracy, overturn elections, and destroy election integrity is Marc E. Elias,” they went on to say.

They stated that he’s “grown astoundingly wealthy representing Democratic candidates, political action committees, and party organizations” and “seems to have a monopoly on the Democratic political machine.”

The report then says that Elias has already been confirmed to have been a “central figure” in the 2016 Russia collusion conspiracy theory that was advanced by the Democratic Party to try and stop Trump from becoming the next president.

The book says that his next move was to play a role in “the effort to upend the nation’s voting laws in unprecedented ways, which cast doubt on Biden’s victory in 2020.”

The attorney is at Elias Law Group now, but spent a lengthy amount of time working for Perkins Coie, the law firm that has close ties to both the Democratic Party and the Clinton family.

After both the 2016 and 2020 elections, members of the party whose candidate lost the race charged the results had been rigged.

According to the Just The News report, “In each case, a significant segment of the electorate lost confidence in the integrity of U.S. elections.”

“The report said during 2016, Elias headed the Perkins Coie political group, and was Clinton’s general counsel,” the WND report said. “He admitted hiring Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump, and that was the company that then hired Christopher Steele to create the now-discredited Steele dossier of false claims about President Trump.”

“Elias even met with Steele and briefed the Clinton campaign on his work, then worked to disseminate the claims,” the report continued. “The result of the false claims about Trump prompted Democrats to label him an ‘illegitimate president’ when he won, claiming the Kremlin helped him defeat the twice-failed Hillary Clinton.”

Von Spakovsky went on to tell Just the News it was Elias’ work that ended up convincing “many voters that the 2016 election had been rigged.” He was also allegedly responsible for the same charges in the 2020 race, but the positions were reversed.

This time around, it wasn’t Democrats who doubted the results of the election, but the GOP, with a very key similarity between the two.

“Elias was once again central to the events that ultimately led to widespread doubts about the integrity of the election,” the report stated.

He filed several lawsuits in 2020 that were geared toward changing up election rules all over the country in order to make them more favorable to Biden. Von Spakovsky spoke with Just The News saying that those rules included “basic security protocols” that were created by states.

“The author explained Elias was taking advantage of COVID to get ‘changes’ made in the law regarding election integrity,” WND reported. “State legislatures had adopted laws outlining procedures for signature comparison and witness signatures so that authorities know the person who owns the ballot was, in fact, the voter.”

“Elias’ work was to undermine and remove them, or even get them suspended for the duration of the campaign. His goal appeared to be mail-in ballots, which critics charge are susceptible to fraud,” the report stated.

The report then revealed that Elias’ agenda included “postage for mailed ballots must be free for voters; ballots postmarked on or before Election Day must count, even if they arrive after everyone’s done voting; signature matching laws should be softened ‘to protect voters,’ and ballot harvesting should be legalized.”

Elias was working under the notion that election integrity laws “unnecessarily restrict voting rights.” Now there are several criminal and election investigations into those various activities.

“Unfortunately, Marc Elias’ actions as a lawyer and political strategist have severely undermined the confidence of the American public in the election process,” Von Spakovsky said during his interview with Just the News. “His work has been nothing but detrimental to the integrity of our elections, and he has helped destroy public confidence.”

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