MUST-SEE: Elon Musk Has Bad News For ‘Chief Censor’ Who Makes $17 Million Per Year At Twitter

( Exclusive) – Just ahead of his $44 billion bid to purchase Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk stated that he had zero confidence in the management team of the social media giant.

According to The Western Journal, in Exhibit B of Musk’s April 13 Schedule 13D filing with the SEC, he said, “If the deal doesn’t work, given that I don’t have confidence in management nor do I believe I can drive the necessary change in the public market, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder.”

“Sources told Bloomberg last week that Musk ‘featured job cuts’ in his pitches to potential lenders for the deal. According to Bloomberg, ‘Musk told bankers that he would be focused on the social-media company’s bottom line and floated the idea of cutting both costs and jobs, according to people familiar with the matter,’” the WJ report stated.

On Friday, Reuters issued a report stating that “three people familiar with the matter” stated that Musk informed bankers that he fully intended to reduce executive salaries as a part of his cost cutting plans.

Musk then left a clue about who might be the first person to be put on the chopping block.

“Twitter’s chief legal officer and general counsel, Vijaya Gadde, serves as the company’s ultimate censor. Gadde, who earned $17 million from the social media platform in 2021, is said to be instrumental in Twitter’s decisions to boot former President Donald Trump from the site and to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, arguably costing Trump the election,” the report continued.

“The insufferable Gadde was steamrolled over her left-wing bias during a 2019 interview with conservative journalist Tim Pool on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’ Musk posted a flowchart based on their discussion,” The Western Journal said.

Pool went on to ask, “So your platform restricts speech?”

“Our platform promotes speech unless people violate our rules,” Gadde responded to the question.

“In a specific direction,” he shot back.

“In any direction,” she answered. “It’s about a pattern and practice of violating our rules.”

Pool put an end to the ridiculousness right on the spot by saying, “You have a pattern and practice of banning only one faction of people.”

Pool then went on to cite information from media outlet Quillette. Out of 22 high-profile bannings that took place in 2015, the publication discovered that “21 of them were only one side of the cultural debate.”

“But I don’t look at the political spectrum of people when I’m looking at their tweets,” she stated in a poor attempt to justify the company’s decisions on who to ban.

Yeah. Right.

“Last Monday, after the announcement that Musk had reached an agreement with Twitter’s board to buy the company, Gadde held a virtual meeting with her team. ‘Three people familiar with the meeting’ told Politico that Gadde became emotional and cried at times during the meeting,” the report stated.

Why become emotional over this? What’s so bad about valuing free speech and the free expression of ideas that can then go to a peaceful war on a battlefield of philosophy? This is where we can logically hash out the truth. That is a good thing. It promotes true progress in society.

If Gadde had truly cared at all about freedom of speech, this would be hailed as good news. Truth be told, she liked being able to censor and silence opinions that were not in favor of the leftist worldview.

Let’s hope she’s sacked as soon as possible.

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