Whoopi Made Shock Abortion Announcement On-Air… Nobody Caught It

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – A draft of a Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade was leaked on Monday and it has caused leftists to go into full-blown melt-down mode. Just the thought of there being restrictions on abortions is enough to send liberals off the edge.

They want unrestricted infanticide up to birth and anything less just won’t do. You know, for women’s health and all.

One of the most unhinged leftists, “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg, attempted to make an argument in favor of abortion during Tuesday’s show but only ended up looking like a complete dolt.

She began her rant by discussing mask mandates and how they’re related to the topic of bodily autonomy, which is the left’s biggest argument in favor of murdering babies.

“You’ve got people telling me I gotta wear a mask or don’t wear a mask or do this,” Goldberg said. “Everybody wants to tell me what to do, but you won’t let me make my decision about my body.”

But wait, hasn’t Goldberg been an advocate for forced masking and injecting everyone with the vaccines? Yep. Thankfully the internet is forever.

Just last year she claimed she wouldn’t be going outside until everyone was inoculated.

Her argument seems to be against universal masking which is unsurprisingly a complete about-face from her stance during the pandemic. Last year, she suggested people should set aside “concerns about your personal space” in favor of “what is good for the country.”

Interesting. So, when it suits Goldberg’s political agenda she’s all for bodily autonomy but when it doesn’t she believes Americans should just shut up and submit to the rules. Got it.

Now that abortion is going to be back in the lime light, Goldberg is going to be back to arguing for bodily autonomy. Americans shouldn’t have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to wear a face mask but apparently they should definitely be allowed to decide whether or not to end another human life.

Typical liberal hypocrisy.

To make matters even worse, Goldberg apparently believes that unborn children contribute to the decision-making process regarding whether they should live or die.

“You are not the person to make that decision,” Goldberg said about abortion. “My doctor and myself and my child, that’s who makes the decision.”

But wait, don’t leftists believe that the unborn aren’t actual humans since they aren’t born? How can they “decide” whether to be killed or not? Goldberg just unknowingly admitted that babies are, in fact, alive and entirely human in the womb. This little admission is contradictory to her stance in favor of abortion.

This idea that babies somehow contribute to the conversation regarding their own abortion is, of course, absurd. How can a baby possibly make a decision of such magnitude and what baby would agree with their own murder?

Pro-choice liberals just have no clue how immoral and insane they sound. Their arguments are full of inconsistencies and contradictions but they’re too blind to see it.

Abortion is a cancer on society.

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