BREAKING: Notorious St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Is Facing A Devastating Career Change

( Exclusive) – St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner is best known for her radical politics and her rabid attempt to go after the McCloskeys, the couple who brandished weapons at a Black Lives Matter group of protesters who had breached their private community and were behaving in a threatening manner.

Lesser known, however, are the ethics violations that have been levied against her and the investigation into her corrupt attempts to interfere with a case against former GOP Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Gardner is under investigation for misconduct surrounding a 2018 criminal case against Greitens for failing to provide or omitting witness statements that would’ve been favorable to Greitens’ defense.

On top of that, she also allegedly collaborated with former FBI agent William Don Tisaby, who knowingly made several false statements under oath regarding Greitens.

Tisaby has already had his day in court over the matter. He pleaded guilty to evidence tampering along with lying in a state court back in March.

The real question is, what kind of justice awaits Gardner?

Greitens has called her “the worst type of public official, corrupt and crooked” and indeed Gardner has proven to possibly be just that.

This month, a panel in the case recommended that Gardner be reprimanded though a final decision has yet to be passed down. Given Gardner’s responsibility to the public, there should be no reason she should just receive a slap on the wrists.

As The Western Journal Op-Ed writer, Michael Letts, noted, “When you take an oath in public office, you are there to serve the public. Period. Not your own personal needs, not the needs of those around you. Your job is to fulfill your role to take care of those in your community.”

Instead, Gardner has been looking out for herself and her political agenda and that’s it. She completely dropped the ball when it came to calling Tisaby out for making false statements, which the panel has noted is “one of the most basic responsibilities of a prosecutor.”

The only thing about this case that could potentially allow Gardner to get off with just a slap on the wrists in the form of a measly fine, would be the fact that Greitens was never charged with any crime. The charges against him were eventually dropped.

Gardner could possibly use the “no harm, no foul” defense since the evidence against Greitens was dismissed. She could claim there’s nothing to hold against her but that’s just simply not true.

There have been several recommendations for Gardner to be reprimanded and possibly even charged. She has even admitted that she “should have been more vigilant in ensuring the prosecution’s discovery obligations.”

She has clearly acknowledged the very thing she stands accused of, so what is there to discuss?

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Gardner will walk away with nothing more than a $750 fine simply because she has no criminal history. The panel has claimed that Gardner’s failure to produce relevant information was “more an issue of negligence than intentional non-disclosure.”

Though, how they can assert this is questionable. The fact that Greitens and Gardner have completely opposing political viewpoints is enough to make that statement questionable.

Nonetheless, it seems we live in a day in age where justice is just not what it used to be.

Gardner should be dismissed from her position. She’s shown she’s clearly a partisan hack with a vendetta against the GOP. Unfortunately, leftists seem to routinely get away with playing political games and abusing their positions of power.

It won’t be any surprise at all if Gardner gets off the hook with nothing more than a fine.

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