MUST-SEE: Elizabeth Warren, AOC’s Abortion Plan Is So Crazy Even Biden’s White House Is Calling It ‘Dangerous’

( Exclusive) – In a desperate attempt to ensure women are never inconvenienced with travel in order to undergo an abortion, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have teamed up to demand that the federal government start usurping state authority by opening abortion clinics on federal lands within states that have banned abortion.

These two have truly reached a new level of radicalism and clearly have absolutely no understanding of the way the United States of America is supposed to work.

Our founding fathers did not want a large, overly powerful federal government so they established a system where the states govern themselves with only minimal interference from the federal government.

The US Supreme Court made the correct ruling by overturning Roe v Wade and sending it back to the states because there is nothing in the Constitution that declares it a right for US citizens to be able to murder their unborn babies.

Leftists, however, can’t accept this reality. They can’t accept that some states are more conservative than others and the will of the constituents living in those states is to ban abortion.

Fortunately, even the White House has acknowledged how absurd Warren and AOC’s idea really is.

On Monday, an abortion reporter for The Washington Post first reported on Warren’s support of the plan, which calls for setting up baby kill centers on the “edges of national parks,” because that’s just what families want to drive past when heading into national parks for recreation and relaxation.

“I just spoke with @ewarren, who suggested the Biden administration establish Planned Parenthood outposts on the edges of national parks,” she wrote in a tweet.

She said Warren called on the federal government to “put up tents, have trained personnel — and be there to help people who need it.”

On Tuesday, RNC Research shared footage of Ocasio-Cortez making a similar call to action.

“I’ll start with the babiest of the babiest of the baby steps,” Ocaiso-Cortez said. “Open abortion clinics on federal lands in red states right now.”

Setting up FEMA-like abortion tents on the outskirts of national parks in states that have banned abortion is one of the most radical ideas ever to come out of these radical lawmakers.

Imagine what kind of whackadoodle thoughts AOC has going on in her mind regarding abortion if she thinks this plan is just “the babiest of the babiest of the baby steps.”

How can anyone take her seriously?

While the plan actually appeared to be gaining steam with abortion zealots, White House Secretary Jean-Pierre wasted no time pouring cold water all over it, you know, since it’s absolutely unhinged from reality.

“So with this proposal — we understand the proposal is well-intentioned, but here’s the thing: It could actually put women and providers at risk,” Jean-Pierre said according to a White House transcript.

“And importantly, in states where abortion is now illegal, women and providers who are not federal employees — as you look at the federal lands — could be — potentially be prosecuted. And so, this is — as we understand why they would put forward this proposal, there’s actually dangerous ramifications to doing this.”

Instead of fanning the flames of extremist rhetoric, Warren and AOC could simply explain to their supporters that this isn’t the end of the world. All they have to do to kill their unborn babies is either move to a state that still allows abortion or travel to one.

It’s tyranny for federal lawmakers to force their will on the states over the will of the people. We don’t expect Warren or AOC to understand that or care.

Despite the rebuke from the White House, Warren has continued to push this absurd plan.

“I also think at this moment, the federal government needs to be exploring what they can do to make federal lands available to help ensure access to abortion,” Warren said in a clip shared Wednesday by RNC Research.

While the left has continually insisted that President Trump and his supporters tried to destroy our democracy, it is them who actually continue to threaten this Republic with their behavior.

Enough is enough already. It’s time for them to stop acting like petulant little children and grow up.

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