Gen. Berger’s Office Confirms Persons Killed by Marines Were Real U.S. Army Soldiers

After Marines under General David H. Berger’s command hosed down six U.S. Army personnel loyal to the criminal Biden regime in a blistering roadside firefight, the general pondered whether the deceased were truly soldiers or, perhaps, Deep State feds who martyred themselves in hopes of igniting a new military civil war.

The dead, though, wore dog tags, the names on which belonged to actual U.S. Army soldiers stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, a five-minute drive from where the lethal gunfight took place. When the smoke cleared, Marines, who suffered a fatality of their own, transported the bodies to a White Hat safehouse near Vail, a wintertime retreat for avid skiers. There, a forensic dentist x-rayed the decedents’ teeth and crossmatched the results to DOD records. As an aside, the military has an ambiguous approach toward dental hygiene: some servicemembers get x rays upon setting foot inside a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS,) while others do not, and get a comprehensive dental examination immediately prior to a deployment.

In this case, however, the forensic dentist got positive matches that confirmed the unthinkable; the corpses were once living, breathing soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson.

General Berger’s office is not releasing the soldiers’ names, ranks, military occupational skill (MOS,) or time in service.

He had, our source said, reached out to 4th Infantry commander Major General David M. Hodne for an explanation.

According to our source, Hodne denied knowledge of the incident but said he is beholden to the one true commander-in-chief, Joseph R. Biden.

“The 4th accounts for about 32,000 active duty. If they’re all loyal to Biden, it represents a threat to our operations,” our source said.

RRN will supply more details as we receive them.

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