Biden Body Double Delivers SOTU to Clones, Holograms, and Lookalikes

Playing the role of illegitimate president Joseph Biden, actor Arthur Roberts, one of many Biden doppelgangers, delivered a State of the Union Address rife with lies and quarter-truths to an audience of body doubles hired to applaud his imagined accomplishments. White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command who scrutinized the address estimate that 30% of attendees were actors, look-a-likes, or even clones, a clever array of facsimiles to confuse and trick the public.

Body doubles are nothing novel. Throughout history, world leaders and political zealots from Adolph Hitler to Joseph Stalin, from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Barack Hussein Obama, have employed a bevy of doubles to escape capture or assassination. According to one source, seven “fake” Clintons were caught between 2016-2020 before the military finally homed in on and apprehended the authentic one. And in May 2021, an actress wearing a Nancy Pelosi mask spoofed a Marine reconnaissance platoon, proving that even rudimentary cosmetics could fool trained observers.

Recent technological discoveries, however, have White Hats convinced that Deep Staters—particularly those named on sealed indictments—have upped the ante and are now using transformative technology—clones and holography—to replicate not only themselves but also the good guys, to offer a semblance of unity between Democrats and Republicans.

The discovery of cloning labs in Missouri and Alaska opened White Hats’ eyes to a broader reality, a Cyber Command source told Real Raw News. A portable holographic generator found at the Missouri site could project a lifelike image of a limestone cliff without producing a beam of light perceptible to humans. The visible light spectrum is the segment of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can view. More simply, this range of wavelengths is called visible light—380-700 nanometers.

“If you shine a normal flashlight on a wall, you can see an expanding light cone. The lens on the generator shows no visible light, just the intended projection,” our source said.

Specialists who tinkered with the device found that it had a database of projectable images—a contemporary two-story home, a waterfall, and a group of armed sentries displaying basic motions such as holstering and unholstering sidearms, each with an audio component. Asked whether it held “blue beam” projections like extraterrestrials or Christ, he said nothing that elaborate was on the machine, but added that the database is modifiable.

“We’re seeing next-level tech. It’s not the stuff of Star Trek, but it’s getting there. What we saw of the SOTUA is proof of that,” our source said.

He mentioned that the row of generals, which included Berger and Milley, was produced holographically, saying whoever programmed the emitters must not have been military because there were detectable flaws in the uniforms that no lifer would make. He wouldn’t specify the mistakes.

“We don’t want to help them fix the gaffes,” he said. “Besides, we know where the real Gen. Berger is, and he certainly wasn’t there. The administration is trying to present a unity that doesn’t exist in reality.”

Equally concerning, he said Cyber Command is convinced that the Speaker of the House present at the SOTU was unequivocally a clone. White Hats who examined clones of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Nancy Pelosi taken from the Alaska lab discovered imperfections beyond what’s been previously reported—flat feet and missing molars. This time, they refused to expound on the “imperfections” to avoid tipping their hand.

“We have to keep certain things close to the vest, the situation is dire, and the Deep State has eyes and ears everywhere,” he said.

Asked why Biden is still using body doubles when clones and holograms are available, he said, “We don’t know. But we’ve seen no evidence of that and we damn sure know Arthur Roberts is a primary Biden double. He was coached on Biden’s mannerisms, but we’ve seen inconsistencies in speech and gait, and all signs point to Roberts right now.”

Even Biden’s speech, he added, was a fake: Cyber Command said the Artificial Intelligence program ChatGPT wrote it, though some passages were rearranged to make the vernacular sound more human.

“A great unmasking will come soon,” he said in closing.