As Biden’s Bungling Continues … Yoo-hoo! Any Competent Leadership Out There?

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Surge Summary: Chaos and diminishment prevail in America under Joe Biden’s administration. From energy policy to conditions on the nation’s border to the economy, culture and situations abroad, the current President, with Democratic compliance, is bungling things. Solution: Competent leadership, like the kind that was delivered by former-President Donald Trump. 

by William Pauwels, Sr.

There is no end to the Democrats’ smear-Trump tactics and effort. They are so afraid of the former President and his intention of running again. Heaven only knows how desperately we need a competent, proven president to correct the mess that President Biden and his Leftist/Democrat administration has caused us in two years in office. And Biden has potentially six more years to go. What an awful thought – what an awful outcome to anticipate.  And worse yet, if anything fatal should happen to Biden, Kamala Harris would become president — incompetancy personified!

America is making a bigger and bigger mistake by increasing its dependence on electric power. Our current power grid is clearly inadequate and would be an easy target in the event of an international war. And now our government is promoting and supporting electric vehicles — thus growing our electrical dependency even more.

America has plenty of oil and gasoline potential – but has curtailed its development and production.  Clearly the Biden administration and the Democrat control of Congress over the past two years has moved our country in the wrong direction.

I hope the reported electric power outages provides our nation with a warning — that increasing America’s dependency on electric power is a great mistake.  Transforming American automobiles from reliable gasoline power to unreliable electric power will only accentuate this negative dependency.  Clearly, this is another Biden blunder.

America desperately needs a competent and experienced person to run our country as President:  A senior leader must be able to plan, organize, staff, direct, implement, motivate, control, innovate, represent, develop, and lead.  The presidency should not be a platform for acquiring these fundamental management abilities.

In the last ten years of Leftist-Democrat governance (Obama and Biden) our nation has been burdened with trainee-presidents – two who in effect are/were learning the basics of senior management on the job.  And the decline of our nation, economy and military are the unfortunate results. To make matters worse, we have another two years of basement-Biden – and the possibility of four more after that.  Clearly our nation is in serious decline with no correction in sight!

Or consider just one development on the international front: President Trump had a working relationship with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un; a historic visit there bringing South and North Korea together for historic meetings. Think of what has happened between the US, North Korea and South Korea since Biden took office.  North Korea has jump-started their nuclear ambitions and turned back to their old ways of taunting South Korea, Japan and other US Allies in the South Pacific.  Kim had some respect for President Trump. He has no respect for Biden and company.

Twelve years ago (February 11, 2011) I wrote the following declaration of America’s downward slide — which obviously has continued unabated.  Needless-to-say, President Biden and his Leftist Democrats, with their Socialistic mismanagement of the American economy and our culture, has accelerated our nation’s plunge.  We are using up our resources – oil from the Strategic Reserve – the forced closing of America’s oil and gas wells — military equipment, development and exportation – Social Security, Medicare, and illegal immigration, housing and support – and a never ending plunge toward centralized governance and Leftist Democrat control.  And the final nails in the American coffin are being driven by our faltering education system, Woke-ism, Black-Lives-Matter, the Leftist Media, and the decline of Judeo/Christian morality and practices.

Not Good!

The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge.

Image: Adapted from:  Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America – Joe Biden, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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