Monster Energy Drink Company Launches ‘The Beast Unleashed’ Hard Seltzer Alcoholic Beverage Complete With 666 And The All-Seeing Eye On Every Can

Monster Energy Drink company has launched ‘The Beast Unleashed’ with 666 on every can to remind you of the rising spirit of the coming Antichrist

There has never been more information so readily available at the touch, swipe or tap of a smart device screen as there is right here right now in 2023. And yet, from a spiritual perspective, we are heartbreakingly ignorant of basic Bible truths. Paul tells us that our eyes and ears aren’t working right and our hearts have ‘waxed gross’. Habakkuk tells us that we are watching prophecy coming true and not believing what we’re seeing. The Monster Energy Drink company last month launched ‘The Beast Unleashed’ with the Illuminati all-seeing eye of Horus and 666 on every can, and it didn’t even cause a minor stir. How could that be? Because this world is preparing itself to receive Antichrist, that’s how.

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” 2 Corinthians 2:11 (KJB)

Satanism in America is literally all around you, it permeates social media, advertising, marketing, television, music and movies. For every one gospel witness billboard up on the highway, there are 100 advertisements for the things of Satan like smoking, the consumption of alcohol, fornication, perversion and gambling. The Monster Energy Drink logo is designed to look like the claw marks of an animal, but is actually 3 instances of the number 6 in Hebrew. There’s your first 666. With ‘The Beast Unleashed’ drink, they’ve set the alcohol percentage level firmly at 6 percent, and place next to it a second instance of their 666 logo. What does that give you? It gives you an alcoholic drink called ‘The Beast’ with 666 on every can 3 times, with the all-seeing eye in the background watching you while you drink it. Wake up, Christian, awake from your slumber and get something done for the Lord Jesus Christ while you still can.

‘The Beast Unleashed’ is the latest 666 offering from the Monster Energy Drink company

FROM CRAFTJACKS: The Beast Unleashed is a flavored malt alcoholic beverage designed to ensure you never leave the house, nor your screen or controller, ever again. The Ready-to-Drink Hard Seltzer is being sold 21 years after the release of Monster’s immensely popular energy drink.

21+ Gamers, Pros and Noobs alike, are rejoicing from the comfort of their parents converted-to-a-living-quarters basements as they remind their mothers to come home with a 12 pack of The Beast next time she goes to the grocery store.

Either way, Monster Energy drinks just got hard. Make no mistake about it though, 6% ABV isn’t a crushing amount, considering most contemporary IPAs fall around that range. Even at 16 fl oz, The Beast won’t unleash any demons within you until you’re on your third, fourth or even fifth go-round.

The Beast Unleashed will be targeting lifestyle enthusiasts, social media influencers, programmers, engineers, developers, Bro Culturists, Gamers, E-Sports players, and anyone who is normally into having a good time with synthetic tasting flavors. READ MORE

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