Sanity v. Insanity in America … Neutrality Is No Longer an Option

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Surge Summary: On nearly every front in America the choices in political and cultural issues seem to be sanity vs. insanity. Remaining neutral on these matters is no longer a responsible option. 

by Robert Knight

About a third of the country is moving toward restoring sanity while another third seems hellbent on getting nuttier.

The final third might charitably be described as “neutral.”

On the sane side, Wyoming recently became the 19th state to reserve women’s sports – for women.

Thirteen sane states have now enacted laws barring doctors from plying children with puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones and mutilating surgeries. More states will be added as people wake up and realize they need to do something about the trans madness.

Meanwhile, the insane media not surprisingly are issuing headlines about “attacks” on “trans kids.”

In Kentucky, the sane Republican legislature had to override a veto from Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear to enact a bill protecting children from quack “gender transition” doctors and forbidding schools from hiding information about students’ sexuality from parents.

I don’t think Kentuckians need to know anything else when Gov. Beshear comes up for re-election in November.

Finally, a new group of sane doctors is exposing how med schools and medical literature are being corrupted by gender ideology and critical race theory. Do No Harm was founded by Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, who says, “medical schools are engaging in racial discrimination in service to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

On the insane side, Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas insists that the border is secure even while illegals are pouring over at the rate of 10,000 a day and being released into our country without court dates.

Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State signed a bill on Tuesday allowing youth shelters and host homes to hide runaway kids if they seek abortions or “gender affirming treatment.” These are considered “compelling” reasons for keeping parents in the dark.

Similarly, Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a bill prohibiting libraries from having any age restrictions. This means children can access even the most graphic texts, some of which are aimed at sexualizing them.

In Colorado, the insane state affiliate of the insane National Education Association passed a resolution stating that “Capitalism is in opposition to fully addressing systemic racism, climate change, patriarchy, and education [and] income inequality.”

The original version, according to The College Fix, said the solution was “to dismantle capitalism and replace it with a new, equitable economic system.”

In other words, Colorado’s Democrat-dominated teacher union is functionally communist. Are parents really okay with this? Many apparently are staying neutral and bemoaning both sides as “too extreme.”

The way things are going, being neutral is like being unwilling to distinguish between the fire and the fireman. If these “neutral” folks were in Poland in 1939 during the Nazi invasion, they’d lament that “Poles and Germans are fighting each other.”

During the 1970s, when many intellectuals blamed America for the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the late William F. Buckley Jr. concocted an anecdote illustrating moral obtuseness, paraphrased here:

A liberal academic sees a street thug shoving an elderly lady in front of a speeding bus. A young man races to her rescue, pushing her to safety. The liberal shakes his head, exclaiming, “What’s the world coming to when people push around little old ladies?”

One of the prime causes of moral confusion is our lockstep, leftwing media. Newsworthy events go unreported or are spun to convey the opposite of what really happened.

Exhibit A is the Hunter Biden laptop. Obama Administration officials used 51 national security experts to persuade the media to spike the New York Post’s factual expose as “Russian disinformation.” This almost certainly changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. The media yawned even after this was exposed.

Two weeks ago, Hunter was in an Arkansas courtroom battling to reduce paternity payments to Lunden Roberts. She is the mother of Navy Joan, Hunter’s out-of-wedlock, four-year-old daughter that he and his father, President Biden, refuse to acknowledge as a Biden child.

Think about that when Mr. Biden is beating his chest, emoting about the “soul of America.”

If you think this should be front page news, you’re right. But the Washington Post and other liberal media ignored it.

Hunter has been paying $20,000 a month and wants a reduction because he has suffered financial setbacks. Well, yes. The Biden family’s vast influence peddling empire is being exposed by a House Oversight Committee inquiry led by Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer.

This past week, we learned that Hunter and eight other Biden family members have collected at least $10 million from Communist China, Ukraine and Romania through incredibly complex money transfers involving 20 shell companies. The big networks gave the shocking scandal exactly zero screen time, according to

It isn’t hard to imagine how this would play if we still had a free press or it involved the family of a prominent Republican.

When asked about the findings, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee, dismissed them as “wild accusations” with “outright lies, recycling baseless claims from stories that were debunked years ago.” No, they were not.

America’s corrupt ruling elites can’t persuade a majority to embrace their insane views, but they don’t need to. Their Soviet-style media are doing their best to misinform and keep many people neutral so they don’t pose a threat to the regime.

God willing, their scheme is finally falling apart because, like the devil, they always overreach.

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Robert Knight is a columnist for The Washington Times.

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