One Man’s Strategy to Counteract Poisonous Alinsky Agenda of Fear, Division

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Surge Summary: By energizing the church, a North Carolina conservative is pushing back against Leftist efforts to capture his state. It’s a practical response to Saul Alinsky-tactics of fear and division.

by David Lane

Floyd Gregory Brown [born 1961] is an American author, speaker, and media commentator. He began his career in 1980 in the presidential campaign for Ronald Reagan. In 1986, he joined the staff of U.S. Senate Majority Leader and later ran the Midwest for Bob Dole’s presidential campaign and oversaw the wins in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

In 1988, Brown assembled the team for the largest Independent Expenditure Campaign in support of President George H.W. Bush. The effort named “Americans for Bush” produced the most memorable ad of the cycle, the “Willie Horton” campaign ad.

In early 1989, Brown founded Citizens United, which grew to become one of America’s most influential citizens organizations.

The Washington Times cited Brown in 1992 as saying: “I have a sense of what connects with people like me. We’re not culturally Republicans. We’re not libertarians. We’re not neo-conservatives or former liberals. We’re just old-fashioned, blue-collar social conservatives. These are people who couldn’t care less about politics, [and] want to be left alone by government, but if their country calls for them to fight abroad, [we] will. You win elections by cultivating people like me.”

From 2001 until 2006 Brown served as the executive director of the West Coast office of Young America’s Foundation, which operates the Reagan Ranch, known as Rancho del Cielo.

A Gideon Stands

This year, 2023, Floyd Brown authored a groundbreaking book, titled Counterpunch: An Unlikely Alliance of Americans Fighting Back for Faith and Freedom. The book entails a practical biblically-based plan embracing the tenets of his mentor, Ronald Reagan, and Reaganism’s values of limited government, lower taxes, deregulation of business, and “the one-thing-government-can-do-for-me-is-leave-me-alone.”

After having founded in 2008 The Western Journal, Brown released last week an article extolling the American Renewal Project’s ekklesia approach under the title This ‘Vote Delivery Machine’ Has Rescued North Carolina from Dems and Could Save the Country.

Here is the complete text of the article:

Politico reported early this year in an analysis on North Carolina, “It’s a state Democrats have been buzzing about for years as a battleground hotspot – one expected to draw in big spending on the presidential race, a marquee governor’s race and congressional elections that could tip the tightly divided House in 2024.

“But the party has never been able to push North Carolina into true tossup-state status like it has with Arizona or Georgia.”

What these pundits don’t know about is the publicly quiet but politically powerful work of David Lane, the creator of the American Renewal Project. I have been an observer of Lane’s work for two decades. It has reached its most effective level in North Carolina.

In 2021, Lane hosted 13 lunches for pastors in North Carolina spanning the state. Two thousand and seven hundred North Carolina church leaders attended these events featuring Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. In the end, 50 leaders from the events ran for office and 25 won their primaries. On Nov. 8, 10 of those leaders were elected to office.

The dirty secret of GOP politics is that when Christians are engaged and vote, Republicans win. When Republicans ignore Christians and don’t work to turn them out to vote, Republicans lose.

David Lane, after decades of work, has built a vote delivery machine for the GOP. He has proven his model in North Carolina, a state Barack Obama won when he ran for president, but Christians working with Lane have turned around.

In my new book, “Counterpunch: An Unlikely Alliance of Americans Fighting Back for Faith and Freedom,” I showcase the effectiveness of strategies such as those employed by Lane.

I am expecting to see even more results from Lane’s work in 2024. He has added a new, explosively important element: expungement.

Lane is working diligently with black churches to help black men and women exonerated by President Donald Trump’s First Step Act get their criminal records expunged so they will be more employable and have enhanced job opportunities.

Lane calls the new meetings “festivals of hope.” These meetings start with a pastor’s unity luncheon, then a group of expungement lawyers provide free-of-charge expungement filings for church members attending. The festival night ends with food and a praise and worship concert.

Democrats give lip service to the black community; the American Renewal Project is loving on the black community through the churches and pastors organized by Lane.

In “Counterpunch,” I analyze how the strategy of Saul Alinsky is based on division and ridicule. His purpose was to create division and fear in the underclass against Republicans. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton are devotees of his brutal and divisive tactics.

I believe Republicans need to answer this Alinsky agenda of division, fear and hatred with the message of Christ – a message of radical love. Christians need to answer with an agenda of unity, security and love.

Lane’s political agenda is engaging Christians in politics to bring Americans together for the values we all agree upon.

David Lane

American Renewal Project

Also last week, we were interviewed by David Brody of America 180, looking forward to the future as Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand. Well worth listening to below …

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