AZ Sec. Of State Katie Hobbs Runs After Reporter Asks Her Why She’s “Working So Hard To Shut The Audit Down?”

( Exclusive) – The efforts Democrats and RINOs are going to in order to stop the 2020 election audit in Arizona should be raising some serious red flags for every single freedom-loving American.

If the election was truly legitimate and the “most secure” in US history then why on earth would anyone want this audit to be stopped?

The answer is glaringly obvious. The Democrats know the truth about the stolen election but they don’t want the American people to actually have the proof.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has been a key player in the fraudulent election and now she’s made no secret of her desire to stop the audit. Could that be because she knows what the auditors will uncover?

Hobbs is terrified of the truth coming out but she’s not talking, at least not to anyone in favor of the audit.

A reporter from The Gateway Pundit confronted Hobbs Thursday afternoon after she concluded an interview with a local news outlet. She couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

Despite the fact that she’s been working round the clock to interfere with and attempt to shut down the Senate audit of the Maricopa County ballots and voting machines, she isn’t willing to stand behind her behavior, apparently.

When Jordan Conradson, of The Gateway Pundit, attempted to ask Hobbs a question she disregarded it and immediately walked away. Conradson decided to follow her and attempt to get a response.

“Secretary Hobbs, why are you sending top Democrat operatives into the Arizona audit and hiding it from the officials?… Why are you working so hard to shut the audit down?… What are you hiding?… Isn’t it your job to be nonpartisan?… You called this a Republican audit, this is an audit for the people… Secretary Hobbs, do you have any comments?”

It should come as no surprise that Hobbs ran and eventually made her way into a building for authorized personnel only, without answering a single question.

Hobbs is desperately trying to keep the truth about the stolen 2020 presidential election under wraps but Arizona Senate Republicans aren’t going to let that happen.

Hobbs is far from the only one trying to keep the truth hidden. Arizona audit director Ken Bennett spoke with The Gateway Pundit’s Conradson on Thursday and according to Bennett, Biden’s Department of Justice has threatened to interfere with the audit also.

It’s not shocking that Biden and his entire fraudulent regime would want to shut down the audit. They don’t want to be exposed as the usurpers that they truly are despite tens of millions of Americans knowing the truth already.

On Wednesday, the Biden DOJ threatened to get involved and interfere with the audit citing concerns over the “security” of the ballots, as if they actually give a darn about the security of the ballots.

If they did, they’d be raising hell about the total lack of chain of custody paperwork for massive amounts of ballots in states like Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan. Their supposed concerns over the “security” of the ballots is truly laughable.

Conradson asked Bennett what capacity the DOJ is stepping in.

Bennett explained that the DOJ “sent a letter to Senate President Karen Fann” citing two concerns, “One was Ballot security and the other was voter intimidation.”

He went on to say that “there’s a spot check that goes with voter participation information and the DOJ says they want to make sure that that happens without there being any voter intimidation.”

Meanwhile, the DOJ is literally intimidating those carrying out this audit for the American people. Typical leftist hypocrisy.

The left can’t do anything but feign concern over the rights of the American people. All they actually care about is the establishment and they will do and say anything to protect it.

Bennett further added that their concerns over “security” are absurd considering they have “24/7 security of the ballots” and a “very tight perimeter around the building” as well as “live stream cameras” in and around the building.

Clearly there are no issues with security. The DOJ’s concerns are completely unfounded and illegitimate and they know it. The whole purpose is to interfere with and stop the audit.

Bennett told Conradson that he sees the DOJ’s interference as “a big problem” saying that a letter seeking answers to questions is one thing but if they try anything else, like a lawsuit, that would be interference.

The left is truly showing Americans their true colors now.

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