New Report Reveals ‘External Devices’ With Up-To-Date Vote Totals Were Allegedly Taken Offsite Every Night During Election By Maricopa County Or Dominion Employees

( Exclusive) – A new report coming from the Gateway Pundit has revealed even more corruption coming out of the Maricopa County election team or possibly Dominion Voting Machines.

Dr. Kelli Ward posted a tweet on Wednesday that said devices that contained data during the election in Maricopa County were taken offsite on a nightly basis.

Ward, along with Director of Election Day And Emergency Voting, Scott Jarrett, stated that the devices were external drives. The drives were loaded up every night with early vote totals and then remove from the site to an undisclosed location for safety by an employee or someone working for Dominion.

Jarrett’s LinkedIn profile says that he was an auditor before he took his current position with Maricopa County. He also claims to have worked as Certified Internal Auditor before as well.

Since Jarrett worked as a CIA, surely he would be able to see the security concerns with moving devices to a different location. Why in the world were these pieces of hardware even doing being used in an election?

The question on everyone’s mind at the moment is who handled the drives? Did they have deep ties to the Democratic Party? If so, then that is surely going to look suspicious, right? These are the kind of questions that shouldn’t even have to be asked. Our elections need to be held as sacred and handled with unyielding care.

Election integrity is the bedrock for any civilized free society. People should be able to govern themselves. Part of self-government is the ability to choose leaders that represent your values. Our right to vote is the main way we express that reality. Without our vote, we have no voice, no choice in the direction our country takes in the future.

The radical left only cares about implementing their twisted agenda. In order to bring about the transformation they need to do that, they must ensure they never lose another election again. And they are willing to cheat by any means necessary.

Election security has never been more important. It’s time to fix this situation so that it never happens again. If we don’t, well, we might as well kiss freedom and financial liberty goodbye because the left will burn all of the institutions we hold dear right to the ground.

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