Windham Audit Team Plans To Look At Other Elections After They Find Machines Consistently Short Republican Votes Only

( Exclusive) – A closer look into the 2020 election is happening all around the US, even in places that weren’t the focus of national attention like Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Up in New Hampshire, officials have been taking a look into what happened during 2020 and what they’ve found is downright disturbing.

According to Dr. David Strang, the Belknap County Republican Committee State Committee Member with the New Hampshire GOP, after he examined the latest results coming from the Windham, New Hampshire elections audit, he has concluded that the machines have been shorting votes, but only for Republicans.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the totals from the Windham machines cannot be replicated and that only hand recounts are reliable. The hand recounts are proving that the machines were shorting Republican votes in Windham at a consistent rate.

Meanwhile, Democrat results were barely impacted, if at all, by the machines.

Dr. Strang noted that the results of the election were apparently dependent on voters inserting their ballots into the “right” machines rather than every vote being counted fairly and equally no matter what machine it was counted by.

The audit, which was ordered by the state legislature, has confirmed what many suspected to be true all along: the voting machines are not accurate and not only are they not accurate they specifically target and short Republican votes.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

What the recount showed was that when ballots were fed through all four machines this past week, one machine (Machine #2) reliably and repeatedly shorted each of the 4 Republican candidates roughly the same amount – 55 votes (Lynn), 54 (McMahon), 53 (Soti) and 53 votes (Griffin) compared to the results from the other machines. These audit-repeated machine counts are also different from those machine-generated counts on Nov. 3rd by 281 votes (Lynn), 274 (Soti), 276 (McMahon), and 279 votes (Griffin).

They also note that there are suspicions that other towns in the state also have a shady “machine #2” and that the problem does not seem to be isolated only to Windham County.

It’s clear that these machines cannot and should not be trusted. The November 12th hand recount will be the only accurate results for Windham County. It’s time to return all elections in the US to old-fashioned, reliable paper ballots that are counted by hand.

Another hand recount is scheduled to take place in Windham County this week and it will likely, again, prove that the machines are vastly unreliable.

The Windham audit team also has plans to review a statewide Federal US Senate race as well as the statewide Governor race with hand recounts.

Fortunately, Windham officials are taking the stance that it’s time for the corrupt election machines to go.

How many other states experienced these kinds of discrepancies and issues with voting machines? How long has this problem been going on? How many elections have been fraudulently won due to inaccurate, unreliable, corrupt voting machines?

It certainly does appear that big changes need to be made to ensure secure and free elections all around the US moving forward. The first step is getting rid of these machines and outlawing corrupt companies like Dominion.

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