Reporter Confronts Soros-Backed Maricopa County Sheriff After His Bizarre Response To Auditors’ Router Request

( Exclusive) – The Democrats are continuing to throw up any kind of roadblock they possibly can to obstruct and interfere with the audit of the Maricopa County election results in Arizona.

What’s most frustrating is that when questioned on their behavior, these radical leftists never have anything to say. They just avoid reporters who ask questions they don’t like or want to answer. It’s shameful.

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone (D) is no exception.

When the state Senate’s audit firm, the Cyber Ninjas, requested access to the County’s routers last week, Sheriff Penzone had a meltdown and absolutely refused to comply.

The purpose of accessing the routers is to assess whether or not there were any inappropriate or suspicious transmissions made during the 2020 election and counting process. It’s just another step needed in order to verify the security of the election.

People like Sheriff Penzone, however, don’t want that because they know the election was anything but secure. People with nothing to hide, don’t hide information. Penzone has made it clear he is protecting information that would be bad for those who rigged the election.

By refusing to comply with the audit, Penzone is making himself complicit in the fraudulent election.

According to the County, there is personal data that is maintained in the files and that’s why they could not allow access to the routers.

This, however, is a patent lie. The routers do not record the content of what is being transferred. They only store information on the times and transfer points of data transfers.

No personal information would be compromised by allowing the Cyber Ninjas access to the routers.

When the County responded to the auditors request for access to the routers, they cc’d Sheriff Penzone in their email. Sheriff Penzone is, unsurprisingly, financially backed by globalist billionaire George Soros who was determined to unseat the well-respected conservative Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Penzone infamously received a $2 million contribution from Soros when he was running for Sheriff in 2016. It became the billionaire’s single biggest investment in a local race that year.

The Gateway Pundit reports that when the Sheriff was informed of the auditors request he threw an all-out tantrum.

TGP says Penzone asserted that if he provided the router information to a “shadowy private company led by a conspiracy-embracing CEO” that it would somehow “compromise sensitive and highly classified law enforcement data and equipment.”

“The Senate Republican Caucus’ audit of the Maricopa County votes from last November’s election has no stopping point,” Penzone said. “Now, its most recent demands jeopardize the entire mission of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

Of course, this is completely untrue. Their request to evaluate the router activity from Election Day and the subsequent days would not compromise any information related to the “mission” of Maricopa County law enforcement.

It’s an absurd suggestion to even make and a perfect example of just how stupid leftists like Penzone think Americans are.

TGP reporter Jordan Conradson attempted to confront Penzone about his bizarre reaction to the auditors request but, like a typical radical leftist, Penzone had nothing to say.

This is exactly the type of behavior that is convincing Americans that the audit is worthwhile and that the left is most certainly hiding something.

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