Suspicious Package With “Unidentified White Powder” Arrives At Arizona GOP Senate Leader’s Office

( Exclusive) – The resistance to the 2020 election audits being requested and conducted all around the US is truly outrageous.

If Democrats and their allies truly believe that there was no fraud and that the 2020 election was totally secure and fair and free, then why on earth are they vehemently fighting against all efforts to verify that?

It truly exposes them and the entire election for the sham that it was. No sane, rational person would oppose efforts to prove them right if they were actually right.

Could you imagine the winner of the Daytona 500 throwing a fit over their opponent calling for a review of the video where the finish line was crossed? It would be absurd. If you won the race, you’d be perfectly fine with a closer look at your victory.

The left, however, knows Joe Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 election. They know it was all a scam and they know he was illegitimately installed as president and that our country is no longer free.

That’s why they continue to fight and stoop to the lowest levels to obstruct and stop audit efforts and anyone involved with them.

With the Maricopa County Election audit underway in Arizona, leftists have been frantically doing everything in their power to stand in the way.

Now, the Arizona Department of Public Safety has been called to investigate a suspicious package sent to the office of Arizona Senate Leader Karen Fann.

On Wednesday, one of the Senator’s aides opened a letter that contained an unknown white powder inside. Authorities were immediately called.

Senator Fann has become the face of the election audit in Arizona and Democrats clearly hate her so much that they’re making threats on her life.

Newsweek reported that the Department of Public Safety visited Fann’s office Wednesday to investigate the “unidentified white powder” that arrived in a letter.

Mike Philipsen, Director of Communications for the Senate GOP, says that around 4:30 pm that day the aide opened a letter addressed to Fann and saw a “small amount of substance” inside the letter.

Philipsen further stated that the DPS sent a hazardous materials team to the Senate at around 6:30 pm on the same day to run tests.

On Thursday, Philipsen wrote in an email that on Wednesday, “an assistant in President Fann’s office opened a letter addressed to the President. A small amount of substance was observed from the mailing… Out of an abundance of caution, the assistant contacted the Department of Public Safety, and its Hazmat team was alerted.”

In an email to Newsweek, DPS Public Information Officer Bart Graves confirmed the call for them to investigate the unknown substance and that the “package was secured by DPS Hazardous Materials Response Unit and submitted to the DPS Crime Lab.”

An investigation into the package is ongoing.

This is the level that some in America are willing to go in order to prevent the truth about the 2020 election from being exposed.

If the election was legitimately won by Joe Biden why on earth are these people so upset and in a frenzy? It’s because they, just like the rest of us, know the truth.

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