Unhinged Joe Scarborough Tells Americans To Leave The Country During Obnoxious Meltdown Over Election Audit

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Leftists elites are truly totally out of touch with the American people and reality.

While President Trump was busy putting America first and making the lives of Americans better during his term, they threw tantrums and had meltdowns daily.

They refused to see all the good Trump was doing for America because they couldn’t and wouldn’t get over their blind hatred of him.

Now that the usurper Joe Biden has been installed in the White House and is ruining the country daily, they apparently feel entitled to lecture the rest of us on “American exceptionalism” and what it means to be an American and love democracy.

It would be comical if it weren’t so utterly frustrating and obnoxious.

Unhinged MSNBC host Joe Scarborough had an epic meltdown Friday morning over the Arizona forensic audit of the Maricopa County ballots and voting machines.

Despite there being real, tangible evidence of fraud and corruption, Scarborough and his fellow media elites insist that there was no fraud and that the election was the “most secure” it’s ever been in the history of the US.

Now Scarborough is demanding that freedom-loving Americans “get the hell out” of America because he and his elitist cronies don’t “want” us here.

Furthermore, he claimed that there are “millions” of immigrants all around the world that would happily come here and “raise their right hands” and swear to “the creed” and “proudly” pledge allegiance to our flag and “fight for” democracy.

Unlike the Americans who are questioning the 2020 election.

Scarborough is a true disgrace and he actually believes he’s right.

Those that are fighting to uncover the truth about the 2020 election are the true Americans fighting to defend America’s republic and our democratic processes.

What is Scarborough so worked up about anyway? If Biden legitimately won the 2020 election why is he throwing a tantrum telling Americans to get out of this country?

Clearly not even Scarborough believes the lies that the election was fair and that there was no fraud. If he did, he would happily support the audit knowing that his guy did actually win.

During Scarborough’s obtuse rant he said what liberal elites are really thinking and the future of America the radical left is working towards. They want illegal immigrants to flood the US so they can become lockstep Democratic voters.

These immigrants aren’t coming here to pledge allegiance to our flag. They’re coming here for the free ride that Joe Biden is promising them in exchange for their loyalty and votes.

Joe Scarborough is a clown and if he thinks his little tantrum and yelling at freedom-loving, patriotic Americans is going to earn him popularity, he better check his ratings.

Funny how Scarborough and company whined, complained, cried, yelled, and screamed for the entire four years President Trump was in office. Why on earth didn’t they just get “the hell out” of America then?

These liberal hypocrites think they own America and are the only ones entitled to an opinion. It’s time they get put in their place already. Americans are tuning them out and meltdowns like Scarborough’s are exactly the reason why.

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