‘Palestinians’: No History, Coinage, Culture — Except What Was Absorbed from Arabs!

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Surge Summary: ‘Palestinians’ and ‘Palestine’ are terms concocted and propagated to dupe the public into demanding Israel surrender its land to Arab peoples. History confirms this. So what’s all the Mid-East violence about?

by Don Boys

 Bombs are falling, missiles are flying, and people are dying in the Middle East. As I write this, over 4,100 rockets have fallen on Israel from the “Palestinians” in Gaza and Lebanon. [Editor: Currently, a cease-fire is holding between Israel and the terror group Hamas.] The long-range rockets that can hit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Ben-Gurion Airport originated in Iran, which is the origin of the rocket technology.

Biden and what’s-her-name Harris have managed to destroy our economy, terrorize everyone with unproven vaccines (not safe and effective but dirty and dangerous), and destroyed the relative peace in the Middle East. The Hill opined, “Just over 100 days into office, President Joe Biden has drawn America’s enemies — Iran and its terror proxies — close to the U.S. administration, all while distancing from U.S. allies Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the peacemaking Gulf Arab states.”

The obvious is—well—obvious that Biden and Company are worthless, gutless, mindless, spineless, and toothless. Of course, I may be wrong since I don’t know if they are toothless.

The Biden administration promised in congressional testimony for a stronger and better deal with Iran, but his team is accelerating toward accommodation with the terrorist regime. However, American politicians voting for the Iranian deal is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported the Biden administration is considering “lifting terrorism-related sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran.” Even honest Liberals (a few still alive) admit that Biden’s weakness and ineptitude have brought this new acceleration of conflict to the Middle East.

When Israel began retaliating against the terrorist attacks, far-leftists in the U.N. and America’s congress demanded Israel stop defending herself!

Obviously, such people are leftist loonies. And apparently, not all the nuts are on trees, but tragically they appear to be multiplying in our government. Everyone has a right to be stupid but in this instance, American politicians have abused the privilege.

The world has been conned by Muslim leaders pleading the case for a separate nation in the Holy Land for the “Palestinian people.” Israel, desperate for peace, agreed to a two-nation arrangement whereby Israel and the “Palestinians” would coexist in the same land area, known as Israel. It is a trade of land for peace and a significant mistake, in my opinion.

The “Palestinians” will have land, but Israel will not get peace. Moreover, the “Palestinians” will be ruled by Muslim tyrants as they have been for generations. This truth is not admitted: Palestinians as a historic group do not exist. Displaced people exist, most of them Arabs, but the “Palestinians” have no history. In the beginning, Palestinians referred to anyone living in what is now Israel.

As war was approaching in 1947, many Arabs living in what is now Israel fled to neighboring Arab nations expecting to return in a short time since the Jews were vastly outnumbered. When Jewish victories multiplied, the Arabs, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire, stayed with friends and relatives in other nations.

John Bagot Glubb, the commander of Jordan’s Arab Legion, was quoted in the London Daily Mail for August 12, 1948, saying, “Villages were frequently abandoned even before they were threatened by the progress of war.” So, contrary to “Palestinian” propaganda, the Arabs were not forced from their homes.

Jewish leader David Ben-Gurion (and soon-to-be Prime Minister) sent Golda Meir to Haifa to persuade the Arabs to stay, and was unsuccessful since the Arabs thought they would be considered traitors if they stayed. Jewish officials warned fellow Jews of severe penalties if any Arab property was molested and enacted a law to guarantee that protection. That fact is never mentioned by bogus “Palestinians.”

As the fighting continued, the trickle of fleeing Arabs became a torrent, with more than 200,000 leaving, expecting to return when the fighting ceased. Israel declared itself an independent nation on May 14, 1948, and after May 15, an additional 300,000 Arabs fled the new state leaving about 160,000 Arabs in Israel. About the same amount of Jews entered the new nation as Arabs who left. Arabs who stayed became Israeli citizens.

The Arab quarter in Haifa became a “ghost town” by May 3. Even in November 1948, after the fighting had ceased, a village of 3,000 Arabs between Tel Aviv and Beersheba decided to flee.

Syrian Prime Minister Haled al Azm admitted that Arab leaders told the Arabs to leave Israel saying, “Since 1948, we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their homes. But we ourselves are the ones who encouraged them to leave. Only a few months separated our call to them to leave and our appeal to the United Nations to resolve on their return.” Again, the Arabs were not robbed of their land but fled as ordered by their leaders, as Jordan’s King Abdullah admitted in his memoirs.

Advocates for “Palestinians” refuse to discuss the Jewish citizens who were forced from Arab nations at that time. That number of displaced Jews following Israel’s independence was about the number of Arabs leaving the new nation. Many displaced Jews were forced to leave with little more than the clothes they were wearing. Of the 820,000 Jewish refugees, about 586,000 of them were resettled in Israel at great expense. The Arab officials confiscated their possessions and provided no compensation.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is the official voice of “the Palestinians,” and they demand all Jews leave Israel permitting Arabs to occupy the land. The Palestinian National Authority is officially recognized as a state occupying land in the West Bank and Gaza. But they want all the land. Their maps show all the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan as “Palestine.” Much of the world has tried to get the PLO to agree to an Arab nation adjacent to Israel on land given by Israel.

That would mean Israel would only be nine miles wide in one area. Evidently, Jewish leaders are desperate or deceived or dumb to agree to such an arrangement, and for the record, Jewish politicians can be as stupid as American politicians.

Most people think of Palestine as being the region located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. That region is mostly Israel made up of 75% Jews, 21% Arabs, and 4% others. Israeli Arabs live in Israel as citizens and even serve in Israel’s legislature.

However, Jews are not even permitted in some Muslim nations and, when permitted, are often persecuted, being forced to flee leaving everything. Jews living in Muslim nations have been forced to pay an added tax (as were Christians) and always experienced subordination, degradation, and humiliation.

Everyone, Jew or Arab, living in what was known as Palestine was known as a Palestinian; however, since Israel became a nation in 1948 and the Arab’s massive attack, those Arabs who fled the new nation have been known as Palestinians. They pretend to be a people like Jews, Italians, Americans, etc.; however, this is all a pretend game.

Pugnacious “Palestinians are phonies, a political show, and it’s time to pull the curtain on the charade. Palestinians as a historic group have never existed, do not exist now, and will not exist in the future. Muslims may give themselves that label and, with the help of non-thinking leftists in the media, pretend to be what they are not; however, facts are stubborn and unbending. “Palestinians” are the only people in history that came into existence in a single day! Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist, admitted: “Why is it that on June 4, 1967 I was a Jordanian, and overnight I became a Palestinian?” He added that he did not mind Jordanian rule.

Shoebat and his comrades were Jordanians “until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then all of the sudden we were Palestinians.” He was saying that when the Jews re-took their historic and biblical homeland, the myth of an Arab Palestinian nation was created out of thin air and promoted worldwide. The gullible media, too lazy to do the research, still spout the PLO line about the pathetic plight of “Palestinian people.”

It is political humbug. Those identified as “Palestinians” are simply refugees from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. However, millions of these people were born in refugee camps and have been convinced they are “Palestinians,” but they are not. There are no Palestinian people, or history, or culture, or coinage, or language, or uncovered artifacts. Their official flag only goes back to 1964. Palestinians don’t exist and never have. Muslims and media who promote the “Palestinians” are repeating a falsehood, resisting the facts, and are responsible for further bloodshed.

In 1948 through the early 1950s, displaced Arabs lived in wretched squalor in the refugee camps (supposed to be temporary) under the custodial care of the United Nations. Muslim leaders did not care about them until it became politically expedient to do so. Why didn’t Egypt, Jordan, or Syria joyfully absorb those refugees into their care and accept them as citizens? After all, they were the same people. Arab nations intentionally refused to help their own people. They simply did not care what happened to them, but now it is politically expedient to “use” this issue to express their hatred of Israel.

As a young man in the early 1950s, I remember seeing news reports of Muslims in filthy refugee camps and wondering why the United Nations permitted it to continue. Two generations have grown up in those camps, often seething with hatred and encouraged by political opportunists.

Israel was originally called the “land of Canaan” (Gen. 12:5), the “land of Israel” (1 Sam. 13:19), and the “land of Judah” (Isa. 19:17). First-century Jews had a thing about being under the thumb of the Romans (or anyone), so they seethed in constant hatred and rebellion against their oppressors. The Roman Emperor Hadrian (A.D. 117 to 138) was understandably (from his totalitarian view) displeased with the rebellious Jews. He wanted to erase the name of Israel and Judah from history and the face of the Earth.  He decided to ridicule them by renaming the land of Israel Syria Palaestina, identifying them with their hated enemy, the Philistines.

It is from the term Philistines that the name Palestinians has been taken. Emperor Hadrian knew that Philistines were ancient enemies of the Jews, and therefore the emperor showed his hatred and spite by giving Israel a new obnoxious name. The Philistines were not Arabs or Canaanites (and were, in fact, invaders from Crete), and there is no mention of Palestine until the first century with Hadrian.

Before the British set up the 30-year-long Palestine Mandate, Palestinian historian Muhammad Y. Muslih declared, “There was no political unit known as Palestine.” If there was no Palestine, there were no Palestinians.

On March 23, 2012, the Hamas Minister of the Interior and National Security Fathi Hammad linked the Palestinians’ origins to Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula: “Who are the Palestinians?… We are Egyptians; we are Arabs. We are Muslims. We are part of you. Egyptians! Personally, half my family is Egyptian – and the other half are Saudis.”

In A.D. 135, Hadrian put down a Jewish rebellion by killing 580,000 Jews, leveling 985 villages and 50 fortified towns. That is why Jewish writers always refer to him by saying, “may his bones be crushed.” Psalm 83:3-4 probably prophesied Hadrian’s oppressive actions: “They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.”

The “Palestinians” could have had their independent nation years ago, but they refused to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Their religion requires them to hate and kill any Jew “wherever you find them, and take them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush.” The PLO’s Charter still calls for the destruction of Israel. Muslim maps don’t even show Israel; moreover, their leaders have often promised to “drive Israel into the sea.”

Those Muslim leaders don’t have the ability, acumen, or aplomb to drive a go-cart.

Everyone has a right to be stupid but in this instance, politicians have abused the privilege as the rockets fall and innocent people die.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent being Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning!  The eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at www.cstnews.com. Follow him on Facebook at Don  Boys, Ph.D.; and visit his blog.  Send a request to DBoysphd@aol.com for a free subscription to his articles, and click here to support  his work with a donation.)

The views here are those of the author and not necessarily Daily Surge

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