“The Freight Train Of Audits Is Full Steam Across The Country!” Boris Epshteyn Tells Steve Bannon On War Room

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The election audits in the US are really starting to heat up and Democrats are in a full-blown panic.

The radical left truly believed that they were going to get away with stealing the US presidential election. They were so confident they used the incompetent, creepy, dementia-suffering Joe Biden to do it.

President Trump and anyone who was paying any attention at all saw it coming a mile away. The whole COVID crisis was used shamelessly for the sole purpose of stealing the election from the American people.

They might have succeeded but they’re not going to get away with it.

Steve Bannon continues to cover the audits on his podcast The War Room while mainstream media outlets ignore what’s happening and stick with their “no fraud” lies.

On Wednesday, former Special Assistant to President Trump Boris Epshteyn joined Bannon and told America that “The freight train of audits is traveling across the country!”

Epshteyn said that “It started in Arizona,” and pointed out “It’s now heading to Pennsylvania.”

He went on to explain that these states are exposing the fraud and while Arizona is leading the way, other states like Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan are a lot more messy.

He slammed the establishment media outlets saying, “To all of those on CNN/MSNBC who are absolutely obsessed with this story, here’s my message: You are right, you should be obsessed with this story because this is the biggest political earthquake in the history of the United States of America!”

He went on to say, “If it was all on the up and up, why would you be going crazy? We know why. Because you know what we know: there was widespread election fraud and the freight train of audits is turning it up.”

He’s absolutely right. There’s only one reason and one reason alone for the establishment media and Democrat politicians to be opposing the audits and that’s because they know as well as the rest of us that the election was rigged and stolen and that Joe Biden and his entire regime are fraudulent.

Former New York City Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani also joined Bannon on his show Wednesday with some insight on what’s going down.

He also asserted that while what’s happening in Arizona is vitally important, it doesn’t hold a candle to the level of fraud and corruption that took place in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania where the numbers Democrats needed to overcome were much greater.

Remember, at one point President Trump led the state of Pennsylvania on Election Night by nearly 800,000 votes.

“Somebody asked me, ‘When are they going to stop the counting in Pennsylvania?’ I said, ‘When Biden wins.’ That’s when they’ll stop the count. They’re going to produce enough ballots until Biden wins. I knew what was going on when it was going on. I had a feeling the night they called off the count that that’s what they were doing.”

That’s exactly what they did too. It was plain as day and all so obvious. Giuliani added that he knows “crooks” and that he has spent his “life looking at how crooks act” adding, “I knew they were going to do something on the day of the election.”

Bannon responded and said it’s time for American patriots to “take a deep breath” and “put your shoulder to the wheel like the patriots in Arizona.”

“We got this. Because Rachel Maddow can’t stop this. The New York Times can’t stop this. CNN can’t stop this. Inexorably, when patriots put their shoulder to the wheel, good things happen.”

Good things are happening all over the US now and very soon all of us freedom-loving patriots who have been speaking the truth since before Election Day will be vindicated. The truth is coming out!

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