Major Update From Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett As Process Moves Along Smoothly – Only 14 Pallets Remaining

( Exclusive) – On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson spoke to Arizona forensic audit director Ken Bennett about the pace and procedures surrounding the counting of the Maricopa County ballots in the historic audit.

Conradson asked Bennett if he had an updated total on what has been counted thus far. Bennett explained that “the best way for me to estimate the total is to count that we’re now down to 14 pallets that haven’t been touched.”

He further said that when the pallets were delivered on April 22, there were 46 pallets with two pallets being full of “test ballots and some other spoiled ballots and things like that” so the total number of pallets with ballots to be counted was 44.

Bennett said, “I think we’re quickly coming up on about two-thirds completed.”

Conradson asked how many boxes of ballots are on each pallet and Bennett responded that “most pallets have 40 boxes” with some having 32 and in each box there are “between 1200 and 1300 ballots” therefore each pallet has around “40 to 50,000 ballots.”

Bennett said that they’re getting through at least one pallet per day but probably closer to a pallet and a half. He said at the current rate they could be finished with the audit by the middle of June.

He then explained that counting the ballots takes time but it’s the “paper evaluation” that is more technical and takes more time.

“There is a lot of work still yet to do on the paper evaluation but they’ve increased the paper evaluation tables from what was originally 8 to now there’s 32. They’re not all full yet but I think earlier today I saw 22 of the 32 in operation” so Bennett expects that process to start moving a lot quicker.

He further explained the paper evaluation part of the audit which is crucially important in determining how many of the ballots aren’t even valid at all.

Bennett said that auditors will “scan the back of the ballot and then they’ll flip it over and scan the front,” then it gets passed to another worker who will put “it under the microscopic cameras that are looking at the alignment marks and also looking at the oval in the presidential race to make sure that the oval was filled in by a human handheld device, not by a Xerox machine or something like that.”

Not only are they examining the ballots to ensure they were filled out by actual humans, they’re reviewing the images of the ballots to check for fold marks which should be on 1.9 million of the 2.1 million ballots that were supposedly mailed to voters and mailed back in.

Mail-in voter fraud has been a serious issue for years but especially in the 2020 election when Democrats encouraged as many people as possible to vote by mail, despite the fact that it was never unsafe to congregate at Wal-Mart or Home Depot.

Mail-in voter fraud actually disenfranchises American voters unlike the measures being taken by Republicans to tighten up election integrity and security, despite Dems claims to the contrary.

Rigging US elections is the only way the Democrats will ever hope to obtain and stay in power and now it all hangs in the balance.

By the end of the month we will have a clear picture of just how fraudulent and rigged Arizona’s election really was.

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