Who’s In Charge? Photo of Jill Biden ‘Prepping for the G7’ Sparks Questions

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – We all know Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the presidency or really any position in any office anywhere, for that matter.

That’s why he’s never seen without his handlers, AKA his wife “Dr.” Jill Biden and his VP Kamala Harris.

Biden isn’t allowed to simply do as he pleases despite the fact that he should be the most powerful man in the US right now.

It’s become clear who’s really in charge in the Biden regime and it isn’t Joe. His wife, Dr. Jill, shared a photo on social media of herself sitting at Joe Biden’s desk, appearing to be diligently at work.

What’s Jill Biden working on? Could it be something having to do with her title “Dr.” or maybe she’s planning an event at the White House that would be expected and appropriate for the First Lady?

No. Jill Biden says she’s “Prepping for the G7.” That’s right. Joe Biden’s wife is “prepping” for the upcoming G7 summit to be held in the UK starting today, Friday, June 11.

Why on earth is Jill Biden “prepping” for an international summit of world leaders? The answer is simple and obvious: Jill Biden is really running the show in the Biden regime.

In the photo, Jill Biden is apparently taking notes of some kind in a three-ring binder while Joe Biden’s official presidential jacket hangs over the back of the chair in which she sits.

The photo has prompted justifiable outrage. Who elected Jill Biden to represent the US? Her husband wasn’t even elected legitimately and now “Dr.” Jill Biden is stepping in to fill Joe’s shoes on the world stage? It’s clear that America has some serious leadership issues and the world is surely taking note.

Why is Jill Biden “prepping for the G7” instead of Joe? Social media users wondered the same thing.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked Jill Biden and her photo saying that maybe the binder is “Doctor” Jill Biden’s error-ridden college dissertation that was filled with typos and literary nonsense.

While we can laugh and make fun of Jill Biden all we want, this picture certainly does raise some serious questions about who is actually running this country. Though we’ve been wondering that ever since Joe Biden was “elected.”

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