The Movement Is Spreading: A ‘Trump Won’ Banner Was Unfurled At Miami Marlins Baseball Game And It’s Not The Only One

( Exclusive) – Ever since the election took place on November 3, 2020, more and more evidence has popped up proving there was widespread voter fraud that resulted in the election being stolen from former President Donald Trump by Democrats who were desperate to get someone back in the White House to continue their piecemeal destruction of the United States.

More and more people are starting to see the light concerning the fraud that cheated them out of the rightful president they and the rest of the country needs. How do we know that’s the truth?

Well, for starters, we’re starting to see “Trump Won” banners popping up all over the place. Like at the Miami Marlins baseball game. And one in New York. Another in Boston. And on it goes.

According to Gateway Pundit, Trump supporters hung the banner from the upper deck seats on Wednesday during the Marlins game.

But, as you might imagine, there were quite a few liberal folks who were offended by the display. In fact, according to local news media, the individuals who hung the banner ended up getting arrested for doing so. Yes, that actually happened, right here, in the United States.

Those same individuals were, of course, ejected from the game. Some of the signs these individuals held were in support of Trump, others were in support of the Proud Boys group.

“Multiple photos showed the massive signs reading ‘Trump Won – Take Back America’ and ‘Proud Boys Did Nothing Wrong – Free All Political Prisoners 1/6/21’ unfurled at the game as the Marlins played the Colorado Rockies at loanDepot Park,” the report said.

“A spokesperson for the team confirmed at least five people were ejected from the stadium after the signs violated the ballpark’s rules on banner size and messaging,” the report continued.

Not long ago, a supporter of the former president unfurled a banner during a Red Sox game. After the crowd saw the sign, they went crazy and started cheering, which clearly demonstrates that Trump had far more supporters in liberal cities than the mainstream media wanted to admit.

And, just like in the case of the fans at the Marlins game, the fan was escorted out of Fenway Park by security for supposedly violating the park’s policy which prohibits signs.

Speaking of seeing Trump fans in strange places, like Major League Baseball games, Vice President Kamala Harris went to Guatemala this week to chat with the country’s president about the wave of migrants traveling north into Mexico and the United States.

When she got there, a group of Trump supporters showed up to protest her visit, replete with signs telling her that Trump won the election and that she should go back home.

Seems like Trump is more popular now than ever before. Despite the left’s attempts to silence him by booting him off of social media and by cheating to ensure he lost the election, this man’s base is only growing and getting stronger.

The left learned nothing from Trump’s victory back in 2016.

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