AZ Lawmaker Has Epic Response to AG Garland’s Threats: “You Will Not Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines Unless You Want to Spend Time in Arizona Prison”

( Exclusive) – On Friday, the Biden Department of Justice via Attorney General Merrick Garland vowed to continue the Democrats’ efforts to do everything they can to discredit and impede any election audit efforts. 

Despite the fact that election management is solely at the discretion of each individual state, as per the US Constitution, the corrupt DOJ seems to think they have authority over these processes. 

You’d think the Attorney General (and former Supreme Court nominee) would be vaguely familiar with the Constitution. 

In a stunning display of arrogance and intimidation, Merrick Garland promised to not only interfere in state election audit efforts as he and the department see fit but also to continue fighting for supposed voter rights by ensuring that Republican’s recent wave of election integrity and security laws do not infringe on American’s rights to vote. 

It’s all a sham of course. The Democrats don’t give a darn about anyone’s rights to vote or the law, for that matter. They’re perfectly fine with illegal aliens voting after all. 

Nonetheless, the fact remains that the US Constitution does not grant any authority to the Department of Justice in the overseeing of election processes in individual states. Merrick Garland is reaching out of his purview and the Deep State DOJ is, as usual, ignoring their actual duties and responsibilities in favor of promoting and protecting the radical left’s warped agenda. 

For the radical left, the most important thing now is protecting their fraudulent regime but not everyone is taking kindly to their efforts. 

Following the threats made by the Biden regime, Arizona State Senator and former fighter pilot Wendy Rogers issued a warning of her own to Garland, politely but sternly inviting him to stay in his lane. 

In a post shared on social media, Rogers laid down the law, literally. She said, “You will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison.” 

Ouch. There were no words minced there. She followed that up with, “Maybe you should focus on stopping terrorism.” Then slammed the DOJ saying, “The Justice Department is one of the most corrupt institutions in the world.” 

Talk about a truth bomb. She is spot on. The DOJ is completely out of line even making threats to get involved in state elections affairs, including post-election audits. Not only that but the DOJ has been completely compromised and is nothing more than an arm of the Deep State. 

They no longer have any interest in upholding the law and justice in America but are instead solely focused on promoting the radical left’s progressive, globalist agenda and silencing any dissent. 

While the DOJ is trying to figure out the best way to stop the Arizona audit from finally exposing the truth about the 2020 election, Senator Wendy Rogers is holding the line for American patriots everywhere. 

She stated in another post, “The free state of Arizona will not tolerate this federal meddling.” 

Thank God for American patriots like Wendy Rogers who are not afraid to stand up to the corrupt regime currently in control of the United States of America.

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