Donald Trump Jr: If Dad Doesn’t Run In 2024, This Person Should Be The Nominee

( Exclusive) – Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, stated that if his dad decided not to run in 2024, he’d pick Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the person he believes should be the Republican Party presidential nominee.

And to be honest, that is a fantastic choice. DeSantis has proven that he is a man of integrity who truly practices the principles of conservatism he says he holds to. All during the coronavirus pandemic his state remained mostly open and free, unlike the vast majority of the nation.

He’s also taken a stand against Critical Race Theory being taught in schools, an ideology that does nothing but divide people along racial lines and make them think America is an evil, systemically racist nation. It’s not.

“If I’m going to be totally objective about it, I think, you know, what Ron DeSantis has done in Florida is outstanding,” Trump Jr. said during an interview with the Washington Examiner.

“I mean, he didn’t fall for the narrative. I think he’s learned, perhaps through watching [Donald] Trump, you know, what the media will try to do to you if you do take those kinds of stances,” he went on to say.

“I think he’s been proven, you know, virtually 100 percent correct on those things,” he went on to add.

The former president’s son then went on to say that DeSantis has “a very bright continuing future, whether that’s with my father, whether that’s — if my father doesn’t run — on his own.”

“I think he’s a case study right now,’ Trump Jr. said to the folks at the Examiner. “We need more people willing to take that on like he has.”

The elder Trump has even hinted at possibly having DeSantis as his running mate if he does decide to run again in 2024.

“Sure I would, but, you know, there are numerous people that are great. I would certainly consider Ron,” Trump said during an interview with Fox Business this month.

“I was the first one to endorse him when he came out as a congressman. A lot of people didn’t know, and my endorsement helped him tremendously, and I know him very well. He’s a great guy,” the former president continued.

Speaking of former President Trump. He has officially accepted an invitation from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to pay a visit to the southern border in Texas later in the month of June.

The pair will visit the border on June 30. Abbott has also gone on to announce that Texas will be building a wall to prevent the massive wave of illegal immigrants flooding into the country from crossing over into the state of Texas.

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