President Trump Drops A MASSIVE Bomb On Liberals, Says, “I Wonder What I Will Be Proved Right About Next, Perhaps It Will Be The Election?”

( Exclusive) – President Donald Trump recently spoke to tens of thousands of his supporters over the weekend in Sarasota, Florida, where he dropped a massive bomb on the radical left, a truly devastating blow they will be feeling for weeks, maybe months to come.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, the crowd was made up of at least 45,000 people who were waiting for Trump to deliver his speech despite experiencing torrential downpours all afternoon. And that’s not all. A whopping 400,000 tuned into the speech via RSBN Rumble Network.

During the talk delivered by President Trump, he listed a number of different items that he had been 100 percent right about, but was attacked for saying by the radical left-wing news media. Things like the Muller Report, stopping flights from China, how hydroxychloroquine was a successful treatment for COVID, and then the rally that took place in front of the White House that featured BLM protesters.

Trump then went on to say, “I wonder what I will be proved right about next? Perhaps it will be the election?”


You know that was a nice jab from the president right to the face of the leftist media, who spent the whole first four years of Trump’s time in office attacking him for anything and everything he dared to say.

There is a ton of evidence that reveals something fishy was going on with the election results that took place last November. In fact, that’s the very reason that there’s currently an audit of the ballots happening in the state of Arizona. The recount has finished and we’re now awaiting the final results.

Thanks to the efforts being done in Arizona, Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano has held a private briefing with GOP senators to discuss a potential Arizona style audit for their state, even going so far as to contact law firms to find out what kind of audit funding options exist.

“…Sen. Doug Mastriano, a rising force in Pennsylvania’s ultra-conservative circles who has talked of his desire to bring an Arizona-style audit to Pennsylvania, led a private briefing Wednesday for Republican senators on his plan,” a report from CBS Local Pittsburgh said.

“Mastriano also solicited legal advice from a Philadelphia-based law firm about the Senate Republican caucus using private money to finance consultants and lawyers. The law firm’s response letter, dated Tuesday, was obtained by The Associated Press,” the report continued.

“In the letter, the law firm discussed the legality of using money from a private, nonprofit organization “to pay expenses for vendors, including a consultant and counsel’ as part of an “oversight investigation” of the 2020 election led by the low-profile committee that Mastriano chairs,” the report added.

“While we cannot predict how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would decide the issue, in our opinion, to a reasonable degree of legal certainty, Pennsylvania law does not prohibit the Caucus or Committee from accepting or benefiting from such financial support,” lawyer Bruce S. Marks said in the letter.

The letter went on to say, the purpose of the investigation is to develop legislation which will enhance voter participation and election integrity.”

And this isn’t the only thing popping in battleground states.

John Solomon recently made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program where he stated that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is a “good guy” who might now finally be recognizing that there were things not right with the election in Fulton County.

However, allowing Raffensperger to have anything to do with addressing the issue of voter fraud in the state of Georgia would probably be a very bad idea. It’s sort of like having a bank robber take over a teller’s drawer as he’s taking money that does not belong to him.

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