More Evidence Reveals DC Police Attacked Trump Protesters On Jan. 6 But Deep State Cabal Refuses To Release The Footage

( Exclusive) – The Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a staged event put on by the Deep State FBI in cooperation with the Capitol Police.

Thanks to video from those in attendance at the rally, we can clearly see that Capitol Police started firing flash grenades and rubber bullets into the crowd of peaceful protesters who were not inside the Capitol building at all and were behind barriers.

Among those in the crowd of Trump supporters were women, children and seniors yet the Capitol Police sent flash grenades, which can cause hearing loss, eye damage and other injuries when experienced at close range.

A Gateway Pundit reader sent in video from the crowd that day clearly showing the Capitol Police sending flash grenades into the packed crowd where people had nowhere to go.

The unsuspecting group of protesters had no idea what was about to hit them. They had absolutely no reason to believe the US government was about to declare war on them.

Democrats and anti-Trump zealots have insisted that Trump instigated the riot and that Trump supporters just suddenly lost it and decided to turn violent but the reality is the entire ordeal was actually instigated by the Deep State.

That’s exactly why the corrupt Democrats, crooked Christopher Wray, the FBI and the Capitol Police are protecting the 14,000 hours of video surveillance from that day.

Not only would the footage show the American people the truth but it would exonerate President Trump and the approximately 400 protesters who were arrested for alleged crimes committed in connection with the supposed “attempted insurrection.”

Julie Kelly at American Greatness has been very vocal about what really happened on Jan. 6 and the government’s politicization of the event and their political persecution of Trump supporters.

She recently wrote another report on the abuses the Trump “political prisoners” have been forced to endure despite having not committed any real crimes.

Kelly says that there’s even more evidence “to support the idea that police intentionally agitated protesters to provoke bad behavior, including verbal and physical attacks on law enforcement.”

She noted a video she obtained which “shows Capitol police throwing flashbangs into a crowd of protesters outside the building. The device, also known as a stun grenade, emits flashes of light and a sound louder than a jet engine. It can cause temporary blindness and disorientation; some flashbangs contain rubber pellets, which some protesters claim were the ones used by police on January 6.”

On the video, protester Kash Kelly says, “They’ve been throwing flashbangs, shooting us with bullets.”

He also says, “These are Americans protesting the right way . . . and we’re getting treated like we’re not even citizens.”

Kash Kelly is among those who have been arrested and are currently being held in a DC jail used to house the Jan. 6 defendants.

Another witness of police violence against protesters is also facing charges stemming from the event. Micajah Jackson has been charged with four misdemeanors for his involvement in the protest but says he saw the police instigating the protesters.

“When I was walking to the Capitol, I saw cops dressed in riot gear and it didn’t make any sense to me,” Jackson told Julie Kelly during a phone interview last month.

Jackson claims that law enforcement officers were dressed in all black like “paramilitary” uniforms.

He further contends that the police waved protesters up the steps near the inauguration stage.

“Next thing I know, a riot squad comes out of nowhere and starts attacking people, hitting them with batons and their closed fists. People are getting tackled. That’s when people got turned up and started to get agitated.”

Jackson explains how the crowd was confused as to why women, teenagers and even children were being attacked with flash bangs.

“The crowd started yelling, what are you guys doing? That’s why you see people cussing and swearing at police.”

This is referring to another recently-released video in which protesters can be seen yelling at DC Metro police for attacking them. One protester even says, “We’ve always supported you!”

The USCP inspector general confirmed D.C. Metro police used sting balls during the protest.)

Naturally, Democrats and the Deep State don’t want Americans to see what really happened on Jan. 6 and that the entire Capitol riot was an orchestrated hoax designed to justify the criminalization of Trump and his supporters. That’s why they’ll never release the surveillance footage.

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