Texas Democrats Flee State On Private Jets To Stop Republicans From Passing New Voting Laws

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – So it seems dozens of Democratic lawmakers in the Texas legislature have apparently decided to take off on private jets, complete with family members, lots of beer and not a mask in sight, heading to Washington, D.C., in order to try and block a number of GOP backed election bills.

According to Infowars, these lawmakers are on a mission to block both House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 1 from advancing before they come back to the Texas capital.

“The majority of the members plan to fly to Washington, D.C., on two private jets chartered for the occasion and use the time there to rally support for federal voting legislation,” NBC News went on to report from an unknown source.

This particular group of Democrats seem to not care at all about the fact they could potentially be arrested for flying to Washington because leaving their state during a legislative session violates the Constitution.

“Under the Texas Constitution, the Legislature requires a quorum of two-thirds of lawmakers be present to conduct state business in either chamber. Absent lawmakers can be legally compelled to return to the Capitol, and the sources said Democrats expect state Republicans to ask the Depart of Public Safety to track them down,” NBC News went on to say.

These Democrats will need to have at least 51 of the 67 Democratic representatives to flee for their scheme to produce the desired results.

“Though House is set to reconvene Tuesday morning, the absent Democrats could mean there will not be enough members present to conduct business under House rules,” Infowars reports.

“The voting bill would ban drive-thru voting, add new voter ID requirements to absentee ballots and prohibit local elections officials from proactively sending mail-in ballot applications to voters,” the report continues.

The individuals who took off to Washington have the support of Kamala Harris, according to a new report from Gateway Pundit, saying they have “extraordinary courage” for bolting from the state legislature and paralyzing the chamber.

“I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote, unencumbered,” Harris stated on Monday.

The two bills that Democrats want to stop will provide new ID requirements for mail-in voting and will ban some early voting. Floor votes on both pieces of legislation are expected to take place this week.

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