Trump Campaign Insider: “RNC Did Not Want Us To Fight For The President” But Collected $220 Million In “Legal Fees”

( Exclusive) – President Trump brought in millions to the RNC yet when he needed them to step up and support him after the stolen election, they were nowhere to be found.

They abandoned him and they abandoned you and me. On Sunday, a story broke that the RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer and the RNC left Trump out to dry after the 2020 election and that Reimer was questioning his Republican colleagues, via email, as to why they were supporting Trump’s election fraud claims.

Reimer’s leaked email was texted to Trump attorney Jenna Ellis who then sent it to Rudy Giuliani and Bernard Kerik. That was all the way back in November. The RNC wasted no time at all ditching Trump. It’s almost as if they knew what was going to happen in the election.

The RNC has recently been denying the truth that they stabbed Trump (and thereby all of his 75 million supporters) in the back and when Jenna Ellis tried to call them out on Twitter Sunday, they blocked her and continued to pretend as if her accusations were false.

A top Trump campaign adviser spoke with The Gateway Pundit on the condition of anonymity about what has been going on with the RNC.

According to the insider, the RNC abandoned Trump almost literally right after Election Day, while Democrats were still working to steal the election.

They told TGP that on November 5, there was no one at the RNC. Everyone had already abandoned ship and left Trump and his team alone.

“Nobody has captured this. You ask anybody who was with us. When we walked in on the morning of the 5th or 6th there was one guy in there. I said where is everyone else? Where are the other attorneys? Where’s everybody at? Nobody was there. Anybody who was with us will tell you. They completely checked out within two or three days.”

They also said that “Ronna McDaniel promised that RNC Chief Counsel Justin Reimer would be ‘gone by morning’ after his email made the rounds with the Trump campaign team.”

They said that while Reimer “went completely dark for three or four months,” he eventually showed back up again … at the RNC.

It was obvious from the very beginning that the RNC was not interested in fighting for President Trump or their voter base yet they collected some $220 or $240 million with the Trump campaign for supposed legal fees. Where is this money?

The Trump insider also told TGP that support for the RNC is dwindling among voters. They said people come up to them and say they will give money to candidates but no longer to the RNC.

TGP asked the insider if they thought Ronna McDaniel was corrupt or just incompetent.

“A bit of both. Look, she’s still kissing McCarthy’s ass. It’s just nuts. The Democrats are running such a radical Marxist agenda because they know they can get away with it.”

They’re exactly right. The Democrats have nothing to fear. There is no unified resistance. The RNC has bailed on Trump and all of us.

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