MI Attorney’s Interview Shocker: “We Have Proof That ‘Election Source’ Was Accessing Machines And That The Election Was Subverted”… “Votes Were Switched” (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – More proof of the fraudulent 2020 election is coming out of Michigan. It would appear that the entire election in the state of Michigan was compromised thanks to the fact that corrupt and inept Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson essentially handed control and oversight of the election over to Dominion.

Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up and Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit conducted an interview with Michigan lawyer Stefanie Lambert who has been working to uncover the fraud since the election. What she revealed is shocking.

The first bombshell is that Benson is required to keep the voting machine passwords “in escrow” but Benson claims that only Dominion had access to the passcodes.

Benson recently admitted during a recent interview in the Antrim County case that she does not have access to the passcode that provides access to the machines.

Benson claims that only Dominion has the codes even though she is supposed to keep it “in escrow” and have regular and frequent testing performed on the machines.

Lambert said, ”This may surprise you, but the passcode used in Antrim County, Michigan, was 1,2,3,4,5,6.”

It looks as though the election in Michigan wasn’t being run by Michigan officials at all but rather a subcontractor of Dominion, Election Source.

“What the evidence shows, and what the clerks have told us is that they [Election Source] are essentially running the elections.” Lambert said during the interview, adding, “Really, it’s the vendor that has all of the control” of the elections.

The vendor is the one that had access to the election management system and the vendor also had the ability to access the system remotely.

Lambert explained, “So, really, what we’re finding is that the vendors that were not elected by the American people are controlling our elections.”

When Lambert was asked if Election Source did actually access the machines remotely, she answered, “We have proof of that in Michigan. We have anonymous logins and we have proof that Election Source was accessing machines and that the election was subverted.”

As if that’s not enough, there’s more. Lambert also explained about a woman named Jennifer Brown. Brown was an executive at Dominion until 2019 but is now in charge at the EAC.

Lambert said her role is to determine “who should be certified and which company should come out and check the election machines and certify them.” Lambert added that it’s in Michigan Dominion was essentially watching Dominion.

What’s even more disturbing is that recently Election Source sent a letter to all the county clerks in Michigan informing them that they would be coming around to perform “preventative maintenance” on all their voting equipment (screen shot here).

In this letter, they explain that Election Source will be replacing the batteries in the machines but then admit the batteries are of no use to them. The letter states, “so, in essence, the battery is not necessary.”

Then why on earth is Election Source concerned about going around to replace these supposedly unnecessary batteries? The answer is pretty obvious.

One assistant city clerk told TGP that Election Source came into their office and “changed the battery” but also ran a series of ballots through the machines while they were at it.

Sure would appear that Election Source is trying to destroy evidence of fraud and cover their tracks.

Lambert says there’s going to be a lawsuit filed “in the very near future” against Election Source and rightfully so. However, someone needs to stop them and their “preventative maintenance” before too much evidence is destroyed and deleted.

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