Vernon Jones Calls For Georgia Governor Brian Kemp To Resign For Certifying “Fraudulent Election”

( Exclusive) – As actual hard evidence rolls out proving the 2020 US election was stolen, things are not looking good for Democrats and their RINO allies.

With US House Dems sending a threatening letter this week to Cyber Ninjas, the firm who has been working with the US Senate to perform the Arizona audit in Maricopa County, it seems pretty evident that Democrats are in an all-out panic.

It isn’t just Democrats, however, who need to be concerned about the consequences of these audits. Anyone who aided and abetted the stolen election should be starting to sweat.

That includes RINO Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp.

Republican gubernatorial candidate and Kemp challenger Vernon Jones is calling for Kemp to resign after evidence has come out that ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, were double and triple counted during the 2020 election.

Not only is Jones calling for Kemp to resign but he’s calling on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into the duplicate ballots being counted as well as tens of thousands of ballots missing legally required chain of custody documentation.

“Today, in addition to @BrianKempGA resignation, I am calling for an IMMEDIATE GBI investigation into reports of duplicate ballot counts and thousands of missing chain of custody documents. Our Governor had a DUTY to do his due diligence before certifying our election,” Jones tweeted. “He FAILED.”

He didn’t just fail. He appears to have been working with the Democrats all along.

Jones also included in his tweet a link to a story from The Federalist that states “new evidence indicates that more than 10,300 illegal votes were cast in Georgia in the November 2020 general election — a number that will continue to rise over the next several months, potentially exceeding the 12,670 votes that separated Joe Biden and Donald Trump.”

Jones told the Gateway Pundit that “as Governor, Brain Kemp had an obligation to conduct his rightful due diligence before certifying our election. With every passing day, it’s become increasingly clear that he did not do that. He not only failed our state but he failed our country.”

Jones has already raised $650,000 in just 10 weeks in his bid to defeat Kemp at the ballot box. Many Republicans in the state are downright furious with Kemp over his complete lack of action during the 2020 election debacle and his lack of zeal to restore election integrity in Georgia.

Kemp is a typical RINO with no backbone. Either he was in on the fix the whole time or he truly has no ability to stand up for what is right. Kemp has got to go and thanks to his unwillingness to stop the fraudulent election, it appears he is on his way out.

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