DeSantis Calls Biden “Fake and Ineffectual” Over Plandemic Lies

Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday challenged White House claims that Florida is responsible for 20% of new Covid-19 cases in the United States, said a source in the governor’s office who said he had overheard a heated conference call between DeSantis and WH Communications Director Kate Bedingfield.

Before speaking to Bedingfield, DeSantis spent an hour trying to reach the White House on a private line reserved for gubernatorial use. He and his secretary made a combined 17 calls but received only a recorded reply: “No one is available to take your call at this time. Please try again later.” The White House public switchboard yielded comparable results.

DeSantis then discovered that Biden and his senior staff were not at the White House but at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, a lavish, sumptuous, ritzy hotel in National Harbor, Maryland, where they had signed a yearlong lease on an entire floor.

“This isn’t the first time Biden’s people couldn’t be found at the White House,” our source said. “They seem to be shuffling and setting up office all around D.C. and Maryland, but they’re never at the White House. When Gov. DeSantis finally reached someone, that party hung up on him. To finally get through to Bedingfield, he had to trick the operator into believing he was someone else. It might have been a shady move, but he wasn’t going to sit back and let Biden’s people slander him and besmirch the great state of Florida with boldfaced lies.”

A livid DeSantis, our source added, asked Bedingfield why the White House and the CDC had fabricated outlandish tales about Covid-19 spikes in Florida and claimed the Sunshine State was responsible for 20% of new cases nationwide. The truth, DeSantis argued, was exactly the opposite; Florida has had a precipitous decline in Covid cases over the last 12 months, and hospitalizations, contrary to CDC assertions, were at an all-time low. Nominal cases, DeSantis told her, were consistent with Covid’s seasonal trajectory and not caused by a mythical mutation spreading like wildfire throughout his state.

“Gov. DeSantis told her that Florida’s own top health official, Dr. Shamarial Roberson, refutes the CDC’s metrics. He wanted to know where the White House was getting its info, because it certainly wasn’t from Dr. Roberson, who is the one person who would know,” our source said.

“I know where you’re obtaining your information. You’re making it up in your heads,” DeSantis reportedly told Bedingfield.

“I’m really not qualified to answer your questions. You should address your concerns with President Biden or CDC Director Rochelle Walensky,” Bedingfield replied.

“I’d love to, please put either on the line,” DeSantis said.

“Neither of them is available to take calls at this time, but I’ll be happy to deliver your message,” Bedingfield said.

“Why am I not surprised? You’re inept and ineffectual, just like your useless fake president and his CDC stooge who hasn’t set foot in CDC headquarters since her appointment. Your incompetence is eclipsed only by your arrogance. Neither I nor the people of Florida will let these lies go unchallenged,” DeSantis said, and hung up the phone.

Asked why Biden’s people are targeting Florida, our source gave the following reply: “My thoughts, and I’m not speaking for the governor. They still have a grudge against Gov. DeSantis because he refused to shutter Florida’s economy and enforce masking mandates. They’re upset that Florida thrived while Democratic states withered. Right now Florida is seeing an enormous uptick in tourism, which is boosting the state’s economy. I believe they want to frighten people to steer clear of Florida. But it’s not only Florida, because they’re making up stories about Covid spikes in Texas, too.”

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