GROSS: Biden Caught On Camera Slipping Boy A Used Covid Mask

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden’s dementia just keeps getting worse and worse, as is the case for all dementia sufferers. It’s never been more apparent and yet the leftist sycophant media continues to cover for Biden and pretend as though everything is just fine.

They refuse to question him on it or call out his incoherent rambling. They certainly won’t dare point out his bizarre behavior or demand he be mentally evaluated, despite them harassing President Trump over his mental capabilities for years.

Last week, Biden was caught on camera having an uncomfortable exchange with a family on a tarmac in Ohio.

In the video, Biden can be seen with his arm awkwardly around a young girl for what feels like way too long and him talking to a lady who appears to be the girl’s mother, about the young girl as he looks right at her like a predator.

The most bizarre moment in the video, however, comes when Biden hands his used face mask to a young boy also on the tarmac. This is just a whole new level of awkward and weird, even for Joe Biden.

Just before departing, Biden grabbed the boy’s hand and squeezed as if to say goodbye and when he let go the boy realized there was something in his hand.

When he looked down to see what Creepy Joe put in his hand he discovered it was a used face mask.

The Usurper-in-Chief gave a young boy his used, soiled COVID-19 face rag. How disgusting is that?

Where is the “science” that says passing someone else a used face mask is healthy? As InfoWars wondered, “What are the CDC protocols for sharing used face masks?”

If President Trump had done something so strange and gross the media would have endlessly criticized him and called him out for it. They would have demanded an explanation. It would be in the news cycle for weeks.

Biden, on the other hand, gets his usual free pass. The media doesn’t even bat an eye.

No one will question him, no explanation required. Biden will continue on being creepy as hell and behaving inappropriately towards children, something that has been a problem for years, even decades.

A new ad has been released highlighting just how serious of a problem Joe Biden is. It also indirectly points out the blatant hypocrisy of the Democrats and their mainstream media lap dogs who refuse to express any kind of indignation of Biden’s inappropriate touching of women and young children.

Where are the “#MeToo” fanatics when Joe Biden is touching women and children without their consent? Where are the feminists? Where is the outrage mob?

Of course, they’re too busy hunting down conservative targets to care much what Joe Biden or any Democrat is doing.

Everyday Joe Biden gets one day closer to being removed from office. While the left won’t call out his obvious dementia and perverted behavior, they aren’t going to hesitate to use it against him to get him removed from office on the grounds of the 25th Amendment.

Democrats are shameless.

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