HUGE: GA Sec. Of State Raffensperger, Sterling And Fuchs All Connected To Firm That Helps Democrats Run As Republicans

( Exclusive) – The corrupt secretary of state for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, along with his corrupt CFO Sterling, and the deputy secretary of state Fuchs were not at all upset about the fact that Democrats won big in the state’s elections, as well as taking the White House.

In fact, according to a new report from Gateway Pundit, that was exactly the outcome they were hoping for. These folks went out of their way to slam and slander President Trump for calling out the obvious fraud that took place in Georgia.

“A report at the Georgia Record this weekend uncovered the many connections between top Republicans in Georgia who were connected to a firm that groomed Democrats for Republican jobs. No wonder these individuals did all they could to prevent President Trump from winning reelection,” the report said.

The organization, Landmark Communications, located in Atlanta, considers itself the “go to” firm for Republican candidates to get elected in the state of Georgia.

Here’s what the founder of the organization, Mark Roundtree, says about himself:

Mark Rountree is President of Landmark Communications, Inc., which he founded in 1991.

Campaigns & Elections Magazine has recognized Mark as one of Georgia’s five “Top Influencers” as well as “the go-to man for GOP legislative candidates.”

The Georgia Record went on to say in their report, “Unfortunately, Landmark has a history of helping Democrats get elected running as Republicans. This phenomenon may have contributed to the absolute cesspool of corruption in the Peach State when it comes to the performance of Republican officials during the 2020 election cycle. Some of these candidates have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.”

“We believe there has been a concerted effort among Democrat operatives to do just that – infiltrate the GOP and run ‘progressives’ as Republicans, who are lying about their beliefs and views on the issues. All of the information below is from publicly available information,” the report continued.

The report then goes on to discuss Asian American Naeera Dawood, who lost her race where she called herself a fiscal conservative. However, a photo was discovered of her attending a radical left-wing event called “tacos, beer, and abortions” (screen shot here). She also was not a doctor as she previously claimed.

“Jordan Fuchs, the GA Deputy Secretary of State who leaked the phone call with President Trump and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, is a former Vice President of Landmark. Fuchs lied about the phone call to the press, and then deleted the original audio file, which was later found by an investigator,” the Georgia Report stated.

“GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was also represented by Landmark during his elections. This morning GA SoS Candidate David Belle Isle released data on Democrat contributions to Raffensperger’s campaign. The behavior of Raffensperger since Nov 3rd has been bizarre for a Republican to say the least. More to come on that in another article,” the report continued.

And if that’s not enough to convince you of his corruption, how about the fact that 20 percent of the donations Raffensperger took in came from out-of-state Democrats?

“Landmark also represented Taiwanese immigrant ‘Jay Lin’ (not his Asian name) in his race for JC City Council, and follow-on race for a GA state representative seat. We have written extensively about Jay Lin here. Jay Lin somehow made it onto Governor Brian Kemp’s transition team and was appointed to at least three other government board positions in GA, including one with influence over the Savannah Port,” the report noted.

Back in 2015, Jay Lin actually paid Landmark a staggering $65,000. This was just a city council race. That’s a lot of cash spent on something like that.

Jay Lin ran as a conservative candidate. However, he had a well earned reputation for not showing up to meetings, not paying much attention to anything, and then voting the exact opposite of Republican values.

“Brad Raffensperger’s wife donated the max to Jay Lin’s campaign for state rep, and Raffensperger helped push Jay Lin and Nazeera during 2015,” the Georgia Report said.

Raffensperger stated that he had to help support Jay Lin because he owed the Chinese community for help with his previous election and fundraising.

Another individual wrapped up in all of this is Gabe Sterling. Sterling is a big supporter of Roundtree and endorses his work with “political campaigns.” But if you look into things a bit further, you’ll discover that Sterling was a vice president at Landmark Communications back in 2005 (screen shot here).

This does not pass the smell test. It’s bad enough we have to continually do battle against liberals, but apparently we have to fight against our own too.

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