BREAKING: Experts Clements And Keshel Say Trump Won PA 52% To 46%; Victory Margin At 424,000 — Was Stolen By Fraud (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – Last week, Steve Bannon, host of the War Room program, brought Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University and retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel on the show to discuss their latest analysis of the 2020 election.

A report from Gateway Pundit reveals that while on the program Seth Keshel dropped a huge bomb. According to his findings, Trump actually won the state of Pennsylvania by 6-8 percent back in November of 2020.

Then over the weekend, both experts put out a more detailed report concerning the election. Their report said that Biden finished with 3.458m votes at 50 percent while Trump finished 3.338m, 48.8 percent.

“Even worse than I thought. PA was a slam dunk for Trump, with a 244k -12k (21 to 1 ratio) of net new registration in 4 years. Previously predicted Trump flip in 2016,” Keshel said.

“Fraud in PA horrific. Only 3 counties I see as relatively clean, with 27 classified with major fraud. 60 of 67 counties should have demonstrated GOP improvement per registration trends, but only 20 trended more GOP. Erie and Northampton were flipped, and should have been slam dunks for Trump,” he continued, adding, “Trump crushed Obama ’08 total in a shrinking state, only to be passed on strength of what I assess to be 504k excess votes!”

“Trump margin, if accurate, should have been 52.0% to 46.1% (5.9%), or 424k votes. A bludgeoning in keeping with registration trend,” he stated.

Here’s a video of both experts discussing their findings.

All of this has raised enough concern that the folks in Pennsylvania have stated there is a forensic ballot audit coming up very, very soon. This, of course, scared the pants of the radical leftist element in the Democratic Party.

Which is probably why Joe Biden has stated that he’s going to be taking a little trip down to Pennsylvania next week. The White House is on the verge of full blown panic.

State Sen. Doug Mastriano put out a statement last Wednesday morning which announced that he was initiating a forensic investigation into the 2020 general election and the 2021 primary.

Mastriano gave these three counties three weeks to comply. He then told Steve Bannon on The War Room that he might expand the audit with other counties in the state.

Last Friday, Joe Biden put out the announcement that he would be traveling to Philadelphia to help push for a plan that will no doubt be used by Democrats to steal future elections.

“For the record, President Trump was ahead by nearly 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania on election night. Democrats then locked the doors of the counting center in Philadelphia and manufactured enough votes to give Joe Biden the win,” another report from GP stated.

And that’s not the only opposition. The PA Department of State has issued a directive that prohibits County Election Boards from being able to cooperate with the election audit.

These folks are scared to death their scheme is going to be uncovered. And well they should be. If we bust these individuals, we need to throw the book at them and hold them accountable for their actions.

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