EXPOSED: Maricopa County Board Chairman, Jack Sellers, Has Troubling Ties With China — No Wonder He’s Been Fighting The Audit

( Exclusive) – We all know foreign entities had their hands in the 2020 presidential election. President Trump did a lot in establishing and maintaining international stability during his time in the White House but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for America’s enemies like Russia, China and Iran.

The Gateway Pundit just published a report on the ties of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers and Chinese and American companies. It would appear as though Sellers has numerous reasons for wanting to protect the sham election and the Biden regime.

Sellers claims to be a Republican yet he’s been standing in the way of the Maricopa County audit from the beginning and has yet to comply with subpoenas from the Arizona State Senate.

TGP reveals that a look into Sellers’ other roles and the organizations he’s connected with might better help us understand why he’s been so adamant in fighting against election transparency.

According to TGP, Sellers has participated in trade missions to China and it appears that perhaps his loyalties are not to the US or the GOP but rather the CCP.

In a picture shared by TGP (screen shot here), Sellers is in Dujiangyan, China at a meeting with the Chinese Communist Party. He is pictured with Yan Daixions, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee.

According to global security experts, this group is a well-known front for the CCP and the picture of Sellers meeting with them was taken on March 14th, 2019. Awfully close to the 2020 election.

TGP reports that “Sellers also has a seat on the International Leadership Council for GPEC (Greater Phoenix Economic Council). The GPEC ILC has been focused on attracting ‘investment’ specifically from China’s Jiangsu Province and their Z Corridor.” (Screen shot here).

The corridor is the location of the largest concentration of industries in the country. It also includes some of the biggest cities, including Shanghai and 10 others which are connected by the HS-rail.

GPEC, where Sellers has a seat on the council, has made “inroads with solar and renewable energy companies” and are “looking to expand into other Chinese capital-intensive industries,” which Sellers is directly involved in as GPEC is tasked with bringing new business into Arizona.

Sellers, through GPEC, is connected with some of the most powerful and “woke” companies in America including sports teams, financial firms, mines and utility companies (screen shot here).

Sellers is a busy man. He’s also the Board of Directors Vice President for the Arizona Sister Cities program.

While working with China to bring economic advantages to Arizona it appears that Sellers has also been opening the door for China to get involved in American politics and considering their interests do not align with the best interests of the US, this is problematic.

Sellers, however, is in a position of power and no doubt he’s making out financially from promoting Chinese interests in the US, including via the sham 2020 election. No wonder he’s been so adamant about protecting the fraud and corruption.

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